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How to create Videos in Canva!

Udemy How to create Videos in Canva!

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Create and design your own videos using only Canva

What you'll learn
  • How to create videos using ONLY Canva
  • How to use Timing, Animation and Music
  • How to design a stopmotion Video
  • How to design a Promotional Video
  • How to design a Speed motion Video
  • How to use voice over in Canva designs
  • How to design a presentation video
  • How to design an Album Video
  • How to use a typewrite effect in videos
  • How to find interesting videos in Canva's library
  • How to make videos for different plattforms

  • No need of experiance in Video editing or graphic designing.
  • Know your way around Canva. This is not a Canva Begginers Course.
  • A Canva PRO account is an advantage but not a must.
  • You need a computer

In this course you will learn how to create by yourself professional looking videos using only Canva. You will learn how to design Stopmotion video, a promotional video, speed motion video, presentation videos, how to use voice over in your Canva videos, how to use Timing, Animation and Music, how to create a typewriter effect and more.
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to create eye catching videos using Canva
  • Anyone who wants to design by themselves and save money
  • Anyone who owns a business, offers services, sells products, lectures and uses social media for their purposes
  • Students who want to share their work, their hobbies, their knowledge, their talents
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