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How to draw Cartoony Monsters

Udemy How to draw Cartoony Monsters

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How to draw a character. How to draw an insteresting character. How to draw a cute Monster.

What you'll learn
  • In this course you will learn how design cartoony monsters. If you are a beginner you may struggle with drawing a human or an animal and keep the right proportions. But drawing a monster gives you the freedom to experiment with shape and form and frees you from your fear of failing.
  • In this course you will learn not only one but several techniques to draw cartoony monsters. You will also get an insight into character design and what makes a character look likable or dislikable. Yes, even a monster can be likable.
  • What makes a monster a monster and how to pick up traits and features to design a monster?
  • Also how to make an even hideous monster look cartoony so you can use it in your children´s book or story.
  • You will also learn how to put emotions to your monster.
  • Not only that, you will design a whole monster family with mom, dad and a baby and learn how to put features from the same species on characters with different gender and age.
  • You will also learn what makes a monster appear more evil and how to create contrasts, which is essential in character design

  • All you need is a blue and a black pencil, paper and an open mind

If you ever wanted to become a character designer or just learn how to draw but you have struggled to draw people or animals, this is the course for you.
Monsters are creatures born out human imagination and that´s why they are so unique and original. Each one of us can create a made-up character that is unique to just YOU.
In this course you will get insights, guidelines, tips and tricks on how to design cartoon monsters, what makes a monster looks like a monster and how to find your unique style.
Not only will you start drawing amazing characters but that will open the door to your creativity and lead you to design even other cartoon characters.
Also, we all like a scary story. Learn how to give your little monster personality so it comes to life.
Learn how to put emotions to your monster.
How to make your monster be more evil, scary or rather cute.
Learn how to draw monsters from different age and gender.
This and much, much more.
Who this course is for:
  • Beginners to advanced
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