How to Draw Dynamic Anatomy - Step by Step

Udemy How to Draw Dynamic Anatomy - Step by Step

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An Anatomy Course Designed for Artists

What you'll learn
  • How to draw the muscles of the body
  • Learn to Understand Line, Shape, and Form
  • You will Learn Anatomy Terminology
  • Learn Dynamic Figure Drawing
  • Ways to Simplify and Memorize the Anatomy of the Figure

  • Basic Drawing Skills

Welcome to my Course, "How to Draw Dynamic Anatomy - Step by Step."
In this course you will learn to draw the muscles of body to improve your figure drawing of male and female characters. You will learn how to break down the body into simplified forms and concepts. This will allow you to draw the human body from your imagination. Reference is always nice but there are times you need to be able to draw without it and this course is designed to help you do just that.
This course is currently at 7hrs 42min of content + all the corresponding art files to study and learn from.
You will learn how to draw the male and female body in a more dynamic and stylized way. This helps you to draw for comic art, game design, and other conceptual character designs. This is also good for realism but I teach it in a way that will primarily help you to explore stylized ideas.
You will learn how to simplify the human body with basic primitive shapes and patterns. Anatomy can seem overwhelming at first but with these methods it will become much easier to accomplish. We will talk about landmarks and rhythms to look for when constructing your studies.
I will work with you through each part of the arms, legs, torso, and pelvis. ( I will also be adding sections on the head and neck as well as hands and feet very soon. )
What you will learn by the end of this course -
  • Drawing the Muscles with Basic Shapes
  • Flow and Rhythms of the Anatomy
  • Basic Terminology
  • Rendering Techniques
  • Male Vs. Female Anatomy
  • How to Stylize the Artwork
Anatomy and figure drawing is probably the most complex subject for an artist to master. That is also why it so important to focus upon. When you can draw the male and female body to a professional level, your work will stand out above the crowd. I have been drawing comic art and character designs for over 30 years. I have studied from many great artists and books to improve my knowledge of figure drawing and anatomy. My goal is to share the most important techniques with you in this course. In the hopes of saving you time and frustration. Use these methods to draw and understand the anatomy but also remember to allow yourself time to grow. Being consistent with your studies will yield amazing results over time!
With your feedback I will make this course better so please leave your honest review. Also, let me know what else you would like to see added to this course and I will do my very best to make that happen.
Thank you and good luck with your studies!
Robert A. Marzullo
Ram Studios Comics

Who this course is for:
  • Students that want to draw the human body with more confidence
  • Anyone that wants to improve their knowledge on human anatomy
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