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Learn how to create advanced Tableau Visualizations for Storytelling in Tableau. Advanced Tableau online training

What you'll learn
  • Solidify what you already know in Tableau
  • Increase your knowledge base with cool visualizations, tips and tricks
  • How to create advanced Tableau Visualizations for Storytelling in Tableau
  • How to create a sankey chart in Tableau
  • How to create advanced Tableau visualizations for Tableau dashboards
  • You might open up new career opportunities for you which are not only highly rewarding but also offer more job satisfaction
  • You can generate valuable insights for yourself and your company

  • Tableau Public (free) or Tableau Desktop
  • Prior Experience with Tableau is recommended
  • Your interest and passion. Everything else comes with time and practise

Hello and welcome to Learning Tableau - Tableau learning for you. Follow me around in this Tableau training class.
I assume your are a beginner or intermediate user of Tableau because this is the target audience. This course was originally created for myself for practising and rehearsal. But then I thought why not sharing it with fellow students who want to learn, rehearse and grow their knowledge in one of the most interesting and rewarding topics - data analytics and visualization / visual analytics. A broad range of topics is covered , e.g. action filters, LODs, various Visualizations,tips, tricks,...
Self service BI is on its way forward and learning this topic is one of the best investments we can make. Not only is it highly relevant for our future career paths ("Data Driven Society") but also a lot of fun and interesting.
"From my personal experience I can tell you that companies will actively searching for you if you master Tableau. Diving into data & analytics can not only immensly improve your career opportunities but also your job satisfaction!"
Tableau is also a great tool for datascience. A lot of data scientists like to use it for visualizing and presenting the findings. Therefore Tableau can often be a valuable skill for datascience jobs.
What we learn in this course might also help you later with your Tableau certification exam
So if you are eager to get into this field and willing to commit your time and an open mind you can get quickly up to speed. So why not joining me and see for yourself what's possible for you to learn in no time.
See you in the first lecture. Till then
Who this course is for:
  • I created the course for myself and want to share it with other students for training and repetition to get better
  • Use it for practising, rehearsing and testing your tableau skills
  • (Beginners) and Intermediate Tableau users
  • You want to increase your knowledge base with cool visualizations and are looking for tips and tricks
  • You want to take advantage of the data driven opportunity ahead
  • Learn advanced Tableau visualizations fast
  • How to create advanced Tableau Visualizations for Storytelling in Tableau
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