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Learn how to build Responsive Dark Mode Friendly HTML Email Templates tested on 82+ email clients including Outlook.

What you'll learn
  • Responsive HTML Email Development in 2020
  • Design for Dark Mode Email Clients with CSS Media Queries
  • Build HTML Emails that Render 100% Across 80+ Email Clients Including Outlook
  • Learn How To Use Gifs in HTML Email, Background Image, Outlook Friendly Buttons, & More.

  • No Experience Required
  • HTML & CSS Experience Helpful

HTML Email Development is one of the less talked about front-end development skills yet it is highly desirable. Being a freelancer or having a career in HTML Email is HOT right now (2020). Freelancers make upwards of a thousand dollars to build responsive HTML email template layouts and developers are making over $50 per hour ($100,000 per year) building client-tested HTML emails.
In this course we'll build a Responsive Dark Mode HTML Email Template that has been test on 80+ email clients including new and old versions of Outlook. No need to worry about paying $100 per month for email client testing software services, during the course the code we layout for our email template will be tested live! This way you'll have a complete understanding of why we need certain coding practices to be compliant with all email clients.
In addition to the completed course project you'll receive 9 different HTML Email Template layouts and a professional HTML Email Signature that have all been tested and rigorously checking for email client compatibility :).

Tested Across All 82 Available Email Clients:
iPad Air 3
iOS 13
iPad Pro (11-inch) iOS 13
iPad Pro (12.9-inch) iOS 13
iPad Pro (9.7-inch) iOS 13
iPhone X iOS 12
iPhone XR iOS 13
iPhone XS iOS 13
iPhone XS Max iOS 13
iPhone XR iOS 13 - Dark Mode
iPhone 7 iOS 12
iPhone 7 Outlook iOS 11
iPhone 7+ iOS 12
iPhone 8 iOS 12
iPhone 8 iOS 13
iPhone 8+ iOS 12
iPhone 8+ iOS 13
iPhone 11 iOS 13
iPhone 11 Pro iOS 13
iPhone 11 Pro Max iOS 13
iPhone SE iOS 12
Pixel Gmail Android 6
Pixel Gmail Android 7
Pixel Gmail Android 8
Samsung Mail Android 7

Apple Mail 12
macOS Mojave - Dark Mode
Apple Mail 13 macOS Catalina
Apple Mail 13 macOS Catalina - Dark Mode
Lotus Notes 8.5 Windows 7
Outlook Office 365 macOS Catalina
Outlook Office 365 macOS Catalina - Dark Mode
Outlook Office 365 Windows 10
Outlook Office 365 Windows 10 - Dark Mode
Outlook 2007 Windows 7
Outlook 2010 Windows 7
Outlook 2010 (120 dpi) Windows 7
Outlook 2013 Windows 7
Outlook 2013 (120 dpi) Windows 7
Outlook 2016 OSX 10.8
Outlook 2016 Windows 10
Outlook 2016 (120 dpi) Windows 10
Outlook 2019 Windows 10
Outlook 2019 (120 dpi) Windows 10
Thunderbird Windows 7

Free .fr
Freenet .de
Google Apps
Mail .ru
Office 365
Outlook .com
T-Online .de
Web .de

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Who this course is for:
  • All Levels, from Beginner to Advanced HTML Email Developers
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