Integrate CLI interface to your C/C++ Projects Quickly

Udemy Integrate CLI interface to your C/C++ Projects Quickly

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What you'll learn
  • Shall be able to use CLI library and integrate it with their personal projects and applications
  • Can Interact with your Linux Project/Applications via Linux Like Command Line Interface
  • You can add your own configuration , debug , show or any commands
  • Understand the Power of Callbacks
  • Compiling your projects by linking it with dependent libraries

  • compiling and running C programs in Linux/Windows platform
  • Basic C programming is required

This Course may make your rest of the life easy !! :p

This Course is not limited to only Linux Programmers, Windows Programmers using CodeBlocks or other IDE can also follow up this course, however, all codes discussed in this course are compiled using GNU gcc compiler on ubuntu.

I have seen students, creating Menu driven approach in order to interact and test their Linux Or System programs and applications. This approach just somehow works but gives away soon when you need to provide additional input to your application Or number of options to interact with the applications scales.

Hence, Tired of creating a Main-Menu Like interface to interact with your Linux short programs or projects ? Here is a solution.
This is a short course using which you can quickly integrate the CLI library libcli to your linux programs or projects written in C or C++ in less than 1.5 hr. You can add more configuration, show, debug, clear etc commands as per your wish. Gone are the days of creating a Main-Menu in order to interact with the linux applications which do not have GUI interfaces.
In this course, we tour you quickly through the steps required to integrate the libcli to a C Hello world application, and shows you how you can add your own custom commands to your application in a step by step manner.

Note : We do not discuss the internal implementation of libcli library (as of today on 25 Aug 2019), the purpose of this course is to quickly help you come up with the CLI interface to your C/C++ programs and projects being developed on Linux platforms.
This is one time effort !

After Doing this Short Course, You shall be able to integrate libcli library with all your future projects quickly, and this is essential for doing big projects in system programming domain where user has to provide variety of number of inputs to the application/project.

Through this short course you will understand :
1. How to integrate a given LibCLI library to the project in C/C++
2. Power of Callbacks
3. Compiling your projects by linking it with libcli library
4. Overview of Data structure used to organize Commands

Table Of Contents :
Section 1 :

We shall cover the necessary minimal theory to understand the high-level general design and implementation of Command-Line Interfaces.
Section 2 :
We shall be doing practical sessions - Integrating a libcli library to your hello world application/project

Note :
I would like to have your feedback, would you like me to expand this course and add more details regarding internal design and implementation of libCLI library so that you can implement your own version of libCLI library as a project. It shall be an intermediate level project.
I would also suggest you think along the way, how would you have designed and implemented libCLI like library by yourself from scratch. Take it as a self system programming project.
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who create applications and projects on Linux platforms
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