Interviewespresso - JavaScript Interview Espresso

Interviewespresso - JavaScript Interview Espresso

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Learn JavaScript algorithms, patterns, and processes. You will get 30+ fully animated videos for maximum engagement and understanding. All code examples. Sophisticated topics made simple. Including Big O, recursion, data structures, and more …

The course focuses on the basic patterns; you can reuse them in a number of tasks. And also, advice on what interviewers want is from my experience as an interviewer.

In the final installment, you’ll hear a teaching tale of two swamis, and learn the yogic practices of mudras (hand positions) and pranayama (breathing technique). You’ll explore the 7 spiritual rays of light and the Ascended Masters in charge of each ray and the connection of the rays to the levels of initiation. Then, the full 20 sutras will be reinforced in you. You are now all set for the magic of the sutras to unfold within you. You’ll also participate in The Great Invocation.
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