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Introduction to Basic C#

Udemy Introduction to Basic C#

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Explore C# using the debugger, .NET Framework, and locals window

What you'll learn
  • Configuring Visual Studio 2019
  • Creating a simple class
  • Accessing methods
  • Using the dot member operator
  • Defining a string
  • Understanding how to use the debugger
  • Understand how to find default variable values
  • Understand the concept of a data type
  • Understand how to find and get information from the .NET Framework source code
  • Understand the meaning of static as applied to methods
  • Understand the meaning of public as applied to methods
  • Understand the meaning of void as applied to methods
  • Understand operators
  • Understand how methods are called
  • Understand the logical and
  • Understand the logical or
  • Understand short-circuiting
  • Understand how to combine if with logical operators
  • Understand how to use switch blocks
  • Learn how to use while loops
  • Learn how to create useful infinite while loops
  • Learn about various keywords like static, private, public and class
  • Learn about creating and invoking methods
  • Understand how to use for loops
  • Understand how to use discards

  • Ability to download and install Visual Studio 2019

Features of this course:
1. a. There is a small, moving talking head that appears in the videos to draw attention to different points of discussion.
b. Please be sure you do not find this distracting before enrolling.
2. Some of the videos use the Visual Studio debugger.
3. The videos were made with a high quality microphone.
4. Some of the videos show only coding.
5. Some of the videos are about reading the .NET Framework source code to some extent.
6. Some of the videos have exercises. Please stop and do what you can to complete them.
7. Some of the explanations are very detailed
8. This is a beginners course, but it's NOT an overly simplified introduction. It gets technical in certain places.
9. Some of the code examples are quite short. While others are longer.

Who this course is for:
  • Those who are interested in learning the basics of C#
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