Introduction to Futures & Options trading- A 360 degree view

Udemy Introduction to Futures & Options trading- A 360 degree view

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Understanding Futures trading, Options trading, Index Options, Stock Options, Financial trading and Option strategies

What you'll learn
  • Basics of Futures and Options
  • Terminology related to Futures and Options
  • How to place orders in Futures and Options with live examples
  • How to hedge positions
  • Understanding Risk and Reward
  • Option selling vs Option buying
  • Strategies to make most out of Futures and options
  • Index Futures vs Stock Futures
  • Histroical examples of volatile events
  • Concepts related to Option pricing
  • Instrinic Value and Time Value
  • Volatility and Impact on Option pricing
  • Understanding Margin requirement
  • How calculate profit & loss
  • Call Option
  • Put Option
  • F&O Strategies

  • Basic understanding of stock market
  • Demat account

In this course ,You will learn the following aspects of Futures trading and Options trading
  • What are Futures - Basic terminology of Futures
  • Placing order of Futures, closing of Futures and insights on Margin requirements of Futures and risk management of Futures
  • Comparison of Index Futures vs Stock Futures
  • Futures hedging strategies
  • Stocks vs Futures
  • Options terminology
  • Call option
  • Put option
  • Option buying vs Option selling
  • Option pricing
  • Block Scholes model of Option pricing
  • Work sheets and graphs of Option buying and option selling
  • Basics of Option strategies for bullish , bearish and neutral markets
  • Impact of time and volatility on Options pricing
  • How place Options order
  • Straddle
  • Strangle
  • Bull call spread
  • Bull put spread
  • Bear call spread
  • Bear put spread
  • and so much more
The aim of this course is to make you understand all the basic things you need to know before entering in Futures and Options trading. By the end of the course you will be in a better position assess the risk , reward and capital requirement of F&O markets
Who this course is for:
  • Beginners of Futures and Option traders
  • People interested in stock markets
  • Curious about learning derivatives
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