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Complete Android iOS app for WordPress WooCommerce Store,InAppBrowser Checkout,No API needed,App to Web User Auto Login

What you'll learn
  • Preparing development environment for Ionic 5.1.1 and Angular Apps
  • A beginner's overview of Ionic 5 Framework that introduces you to it’s features, building blocks and core Ionic components
  • Create a new Ionic 5 app and Connect / Integrate WordPress WooCommerce Website / Online Store with Ionic 5 Angular App
  • Implementation of the latest version of WooCommerce API in Ionic Angular App, like pull categories, products, tags, navigate to a single product page and finally land on the website using InAppBrowser to make purchase
  • Pass logged in user’s data from App to InAppBrowser for auto login to Website. Complete Purchase to the Website using App’s InAppBrowser securely as WooCommerce Native REST API doesn’t have payment processing support yet
  • Check all order history, view order details directly from app using WooCommerce API with cool styling that teach you theming with Ionic
  • New Customer Registration using WooCommerce API from Ionic Angular App
  • WordPress User Authentication and Login using JWT Plugin
  • Implement Facebook Login, Gmail Login as Customer as well as create Customer User to Web End at the same time with proper Synchronization
  • Working experiences of several Cordova Plugins, Use cordova to generate resources and build final Android and iOS apps that is ready to submit at store

  • Previous work experince with any version of Ionic Framework

Welcome Viewers,
I hope you all are doing great. I am M A Hasan, a full time freelance web and hybrid apps developer. Previously, I created a course here in Udemy named “Develop Ionic 4 Angular iOS Android Apps for WooCommerce” where i developed a full featured ionic 4 angular based webstore app for WordPress WooCommerce platform. I got very good responses and appreciation from lots of students. I tried to make it super easy to understand, went step by step and explained every bit of code and technology that works behind the app.
You may know that, right now, WooCommerce doesn’t have native API support to process payment directly from the app. Beside these, there are many websites that are using many other plugins with WooCommerce that don’t have API support yet.
So how to create an app for such a website where you can’t access and process all product and order data using WooCommerce’s native API? And it does not have native api to process payment?
There is a way, you can do it.
This is the most interesting part of this course which is web checkout in InAppBrowser for WordPress WooCommerce online store. And yes, you can set the user logged In in your website directly from the app, when the user lands on the website using InAppBrowser. So, the user doesn’t need to login twice, if a user is logged in in App, user will be automatically logged in in Website when he lands on product page using InAppBrowser.
InAppBrowser brings this convenience to all app developers as well as all customers.
Many of my students requested me to create another organised course using ionic and angular where we can achieve the above including some other plugin integrations like facebook login, google login and so on.
So in this course, I am going to use the latest stable version of node as well as the latest version of ionic as a development environment.
We will use WordPress WooCommerce as a backend data provider for this project, implement user registration using WooCommerce API V3, login and authentication using JWT authentication plugin for WordPress.
Once these parts are done, i will show how to use cordova in this project and integrate different cordova plugins like facebook login, gmail login, InAppBrowser and so on.
You may find related tutorials, topics in some blogs, but those are not explained in such a way so that a beginner level developer can learn and understand them perfectly. Moreover, you are getting everything in one place with well coded source code that is super clear to you. And from one source code based, you're getting both an Android and iOS app that is ready to submit to PlayStore and AppStore.
At the end of the course, you are going to get a full featured WordPress WooCommerced based online store app where checkout is done in InAppBrowser so that you don’t need to think about payment gateway integration using WooCommerce API or Process Product Data or Order Data using WooCommerce API.
Additionally, you are going to be master of these plugins used here and will feel very flexible to use other cordova plugins for ionic angular with extra confidence.
I hope to see you in this course very soon. This course comes with a 30 days money back guarantee. So, buy the course, watch the videos, if it does not go well then ask for a refund within 30 days, all your money back, no questions asked.
So why are you waiting? Let's start this great adventure.
Who this course is for:
  • Has basic working knowledge or working experience in any version of Ionic Framework with Angular
  • Beginner to Work With Ionic 5, Angular and WordPress Authentication
  • Beginner to implement WordPress and WooCommerce REST API using Ionic 5 and Angular
  • Anyone interested to develop a full featured Online Store Apps for Woocommerce based ECommerce Website
  • Anyone interested to Understand the technology behind the online store apps
  • Anyone who wants to take his programming career to the next level by learning modern technologies
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