IT Fundamentals - Learn Python, SQL, HTML, Java & Computing

Udemy IT Fundamentals - Learn Python, SQL, HTML, Java & Computing

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A Computer Course on IT Fundamentals; Coding in Python, SQL Databases, Web Development, Mobile App & Computer Science

What you'll learn
  • Learn 5 main areas of IT; Procedural Programming, Object Oriented Programming, Databases, Web Pages and Computer Science
  • Learn to Program with coding in Python
  • Learn Databases and SQL
  • Learn Web Pages with HTML, CSS and PHP
  • Learn Mobile Apps with JAVA
  • Learn Computer Science

  • A PC and the internet

Are you up for a challenge, a real challenge? One where you can change your life and give yourself the job stability missing in other industries. Complete this course and set yourself on the path to a career in IT.
You'll learn how to code using the worlds most popular language; Python.
You'll learn how to manage databases using SQL, THE database language
Create Web pages in HTML with CSS and practice web development using PHP
Create mobile apps, in JAVA for Android mobile devices using Android Studio
Give yourself a thorough grounding in Computer Science and IT
By the end of this course, you'll know the key 5 skills for any career in IT.
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Who this course is for:
  • People who wish to begin a career in IT.
  • IT Beginners
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