Javaspecialists eu - IntelliJ Wizardry with Heinz Kabutz 2022 Edition

Javaspecialists eu - IntelliJ Wizardry with Heinz Kabutz 2022 Edition

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In 2003, Heinz was asked to fix bugs and add features to a bowl of spaghetti code. It was a dismal task. He had heard of IntelliJ IDEA's supernatural analyzing powers. At the end of his 30 day trial, he purchased his first IntelliJ license. Often after his talks, instead of asking about the topic he spoke about, curious onlookers wanted to know how he had performed his IntelliJ magic. Here are your answers.

In this 4 hour course, we explore the most important features of IntelliJ IDEA. By the end, you will be more productive and comfortable programming with this wonderful tool.

Here are some of the many things we will cover during this workshop:

  • The five top shortcuts in IntelliJ that will make you code faster and with fewer mistakes
  • How to become a more productive coder
  • Writing your own live templates
  • Get weaned off the mouse

Who should take this course?​

This course is aimed at anyone who is programming with IntelliJ IDEA and Android Studio, and who wants to become more efficient.
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