Job Interview Preparation For Software Graduates/Freshers

Udemy Job Interview Preparation For Software Graduates/Freshers

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Technical interview, Developer, QA engineer, Test Engineer and HR interview preparation guide for freshers

What you'll learn​

  • You will be able to identify gaps in your interview preparation
  • You will be able to understand how interview difficulty level varies among different organziation types and the expected preparation from your side
  • You will be able to prepare, handle and face technical interview questions better as I will walkthrough about a real world programming question in the course
  • You will be able to prepare and respond to HR interview questions more confidently
  • You will be able to get a virtual walkthrough of what happens in a technical interview and understand how your programming skills are evaluated
  • You will be able to handle tricky situations in the interview with confidence
  • You will be able to write better resume/CV and avoid mistakes that can put your interview at risk
  • You will be able to understand the end to end hiring process and mindset from an organizations perspective
  • You will know about the different mediums to apply for a job


  • Basic programming knowledge is required as this course covers technical round preparation with a programming question
  • Basic idea of what is software testing and test automation as this course covers test case scenarios for a software program
  • Basics terms of Computer Engineering/Science Concepts from Your Graduation Course


Hi There!! If you about to appear for your first job interview(technical or HR round) in near term or struggling to crack an technical interview for a software organization then this course is exactly for You. I am going to share my 18 years of technical recruiter experience with you in this course. I have offered and rejected many interview candidates in my lifetime and I know exactly what you need to prepare and present for an interview. We will also look at some case studies in detail in the interview like for example, a coding question or a test case writing scenario and then try to think from interviewee's point of view about how you are being judged. You will also learn how to handle tricky interview situations in HR and technical rounds where you find yourself stuck in a problem and how to get out of it without making it look weird. I am sure You have read a lot about interviews on internet, but this course is coming directly from a person who has interviewed hundreds and hundreds of candidates. This course is one stop solution for the whole interview process and I am pretty confident that after this course you will feel more motivated and prepared to appear for technical interviews as well as HR interviews. I personally think that if this course help us in smallest possible way to get your first dream job then its worth investing your time and money.
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Who this course is for:​

  • Computer/IT Engineering Graduates and Freshers looking to crack a software developer or a software testing job interview
  • Any Engineering Branch Graduate looking to crack a software developer interview or a software testing job interview
  • This course does not cover computer science/engineering academic concepts and neither programming concepts are explained. I will only use graduation syllabus contents and programming basics to highlight topics for preparation
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