jQuery UI in Action: Build 11 jQuery UI Projects

Udemy jQuery UI in Action: Build 11 jQuery UI Projects

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jQuery UI (User Interface) Hands-On Course!! jQuery UI Examples, Quizzes & jQuery UI Projects. jQuery UI from Scratch

What you'll learn
  • Learn jQuery UI from scratch
  • Understand jQuery UI interactions and widgets in detail
  • Enhance jQuery and jQuery UI knowledge
  • Develop 11 real-world jQuery UI projects from scratch
  • Become a jQuery UI expert

  • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery would be helpful

*** 22 hours of content***
***Quizzes, Exercises, Hands-On Practices and 11 Unique Projects are Included***

Do you want to develop highly interactive and rich applications easily? jQuery UI is a collection of widgets, interactions, effects and themes built on the top of jQuery library.
"jQuery UI in Action: Build 11 jQuery UI Projects" is a 100% hands-on jQuery UI course with lots of code activities, quizzes, exercises and projects. By completing this course, you will be confident enough to develop jQuery UI projects on your own from scratch.
In this course, you learn what jQuery UI is, how to setup the jQuery UI development environment and how to use different interactions, widgets and effects. Different interactions discussed in this course are draggable, droppable, resizable, selectable and sortable. You will also understand different widgets such as accordion, tabs, autocomplete, dialog, datepicker, progressbar, slider, menu, tooltip, spinner, button, checkboxradio, select menu and control group in detail.
The last section is the Let's Develop section where you will develop 11 jQuery UI projects from scratch. This will help you really boost your confidence in applying your jQuery UI knowledge to develop real-world jQuery UI projects. The projects developed as part of this course are:
  1. Fruits Matching Game
  2. Password Strength Meter
  3. Video Speed Controller
  4. To Do List Application
  5. Train Enquiry System
  6. Online Sticky Notes
  7. Word Hunt
  8. Color Picker
  9. Price Range Filter
  10. Image Magnifier
  11. Jigsaw Puzzle
So join this wonderful jQuery UI course and have a great time learning jQuery UI.
Who this course is for:
  • People who want to learn jQuery UI from scratch
  • People who want to enhance their jQuery and jQuery UI knowledge
  • Developers who want to develop highly interactive applications easily
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