Juntao Qiu - Maintainable React

Juntao Qiu - Maintainable React

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Maintainable React is a comprehensive course designed to teach you the best practices for writing clean, maintainable code in React. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced developer, this course will give you the tools and knowledge you need to write high-quality, maintainable React code. Join me and take your React skills to the next level!


Building blocks for maintainable code

Clean code & Refactoring

The course covers refactoring, a technique for improving the design and structure of existing code. This is an essential skill for developers as it allows them to maintain and improve their code over time.

Test-Driven Development

The course covers TDD, a software development approach that emphasizes writing automated tests before writing code. This is a highly sought-after skill in the industry and can help students improve the quality and maintainability of their code.

Features from real projects

The course includes real-world project examples, which will help students understand how to apply the concepts they are learning in a practical setting and will help them to get more confident with the material.

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Thanks for the course.. if possible Please provide links to all the resources shared in the course if possible
Can you split to 2 or more parts, there is download limit in the mega link