Laraveldaily - Creating Invoices with Laravel

Laraveldaily - Creating Invoices with Laravel

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Live-coding of a Laravel project, explaining all the details along the

In this course, you will see live-coding of a simple project of creating invoices with Laravel 5.6.


The goal here is not to teach you Laravel from scratch, you need to have the basics of Laravel before enrolling in this course. The goal is to show you real-life example of creating a project, with all the problems and solutions along the way.

So you may consider it as an additional practice to your Laravel learning process, with ability to ask me questions directly in the comments, I am happy to be your mentor around this course.

Why this course is special
I want to bring a new vision to online courses world. My goal is to show real examples of real projects, partly live-coding it and commenting along the way. But it's different from live-streaming on Twitch or videos on Youtube, because for every lesson you get:
- Full source code for download/try
- Additional related links to articles/docs
- Ability to ask me directly in the comments section

Also, I want to save your time, and in some lessons I'm actually pre-building the code and copy-pasting it, so actual video is much shorter. In this way, in ~1 hour you will see me creating the full project for creating invoices.
Final notice: the final result of this demo-project is simple invoice creating project, but based on the feedback from the students I may expand it later (for the same price) and create a package out of it. For now - just an idea, we'll see how the sales go :)
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