Laraveldaily - Creating Laravel 6 SaaS with Cashier/Stripe

Laraveldaily - Creating Laravel 6 SaaS with Cashier/Stripe

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More Practical than Official Docs

Notice: this demo-project was created in January 2020, with Laravel 6 version and Cashier 10 version. Current implementation of those packages may slightly change, so check their latest docs. But mostly syntax and overall logic of the course should still be applicable.

Software-as-a-Service is one of the most popular types of Laravel projects. Everyone wants recurring business, where users subscribe to monthly/yearly plans. So this course will help you to create such project.

While working with SaaS projects myself, I noticed that official documentation covers only basic usage and syntax of Stripe/Cashier, and doesn't talk much about how to tie pieces together.

With a lot of important details missing in official docs, I decided to create this course.

During this 3-hour course, I will create a real SaaS project step-by-step, commenting the code and its logic.
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