Laraveldaily - Laravel Eloquent: Expert Level

Laraveldaily - Laravel Eloquent: Expert Level

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4 hours of video about Eloquent!

After this course, you will become expert in creating relationships, querying data effectively and using less-known Eloquent features.


Eloquent is great for database operations, but over the years I've noticed that it is the most popular topic of questions on Twitter or forums like Laracasts, or my own blog

There are many typical questions like:
- Why this query doesn't return correct results?
- How to transform my SQL to Eloquent?
- Why this statement takes so long to execute?
- How to use eloquent relations in my particular situations? One-to-many or many-to-many? Or Polymorphic?

And the weirdest part is that I haven't found any course or book that answers all those questions with practical examples. So here we go, I'm trying to fill that gap.

In this course you will find videos with various less-known tips, more effective ways to use Eloquent, and also a lot of practical examples.

The course requires some fundamental Laravel and Eloquent knowledge, I won't cover the basics. It's not a course about Eloquent from zero, it's about a jump from junior to Expert. Will you join me on this journey?
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