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API Management with Apigee Edge

What you'll learn
  • Learn about REST API Management using Google's Apigee API Management Platform
  • Learn some basics of REST APIs
  • Learn how to create API Proxies, Developers, Products and Apss in Apigee
  • How to secure REST APIs in Apigee?
  • Get detailed and deep understanding of OAuth 2.0. All theory and real time hands-on implementation.
  • Learn about important features like Key-Value maps, Shared flows and Caches
  • Explore various policies in Apigee.
  • View API Analytics on Apigee Edge
Welcome to this course!!
In this course we are going to learn about Apigee API Management Platform. Apigee is a product from Google and has a very good market share in the API Management market. It currently being used by big companies like Adobe, Accenture, Citrix, Dell, ebay, and many more. That’s why learning about Apigee is definitely going to boost your career and job opportunities.
This is a complete hands-on course also having lot of theory to make things clear.
We will start with an introduction to APIs in general and REST APIs. Then we will look at why API Management is so crucial for businesses these days.
After that I will discuss about the REST API which we will be using for this course.
Then we start exploring about Apigee. We will start with creating an account in Apigee and then expose our API through Apigee.
We will then dive into some basic concepts of Apigee like Developers, Products and Apps. We will also look at Post and Pre Flows and message processing in these flows.
We will move on to API security features on Apigee like Basic Auth and OAuth 2.0 . This course also has very detailed explanation and hands on OAuth 2.0. After the lectures on OAuth 2 in this course you will not need to visit any more tutorial anywhere else.
We will look at some of the debugging options available in Apigee like Tracing sessions.
We will also explore different kinds of policies on Apigee and how we can use them.
Then will explore some of the basic features like Key-Value maps, Shared Flows, Caching and Message Logging.
We will also look at some of the API Analytics capabilities and Reports available from Apigee.
Who this course is for:
  • Students who want to learn about Google's Apigee API Management Platform
  • Students who want to explore features and options available in Apigee
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