Learn English Idioms - 240+ English Language Idioms: 1 Story

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Learn English Language Idioms to Improve Your English Fluency, English Speaking, English Listening (240+ English Idioms)

What you'll learn
  • How to use 240+ new English idioms
  • How to recognize English idioms when you hear one
  • How to continue to learn English idioms in a quicker and more natural way, in the same way as a native English speaker does

  • You should have at least an intermediate level of English.

Learn English Idioms - 240+ English Language Idioms: 1 Story is an English Language Course that teaches you more than 240 English idioms about many different topics, and it uses a STORY METHOD to teach you these, as well as definitions.
If you are learning English language, you need to know A LOT of English idioms.
Idioms are so natural for native speakers, that they are constantly being used without the native speakers even realizing it. We use English idioms in conversations, in business, in exams, in essays, in books, in movies, in music, and in every other situation where the English language is used at all!
That's why this course has 240 IDIOMS...!
Yes, that's right - 240!

And that's not all...
You also learn the English idioms in context.
What does that mean? It means you follow one story of 40 chapters, where six new idioms are introduced in each chapter. Each chapter has a theme, so you can easily group the English idioms together.
After each chapter:
  • you learn the exact definitions,
  • you get more examples,
  • you learn when to use the idiom,
  • and you learn when NOT to use the idiom!
You also get:
  • 40 Free PDFs with all 240 idioms and their definitions
  • 40 Free MP3s with all 240 idioms and their definitions
  • Free quizzes added each month
  • Communication with an expert English language instructor
  • A great story!
  • Free BONUS RESOURCES to continue to learn English!
Praise for Learn English Idioms - 240+ English Language Idioms: 1 Story
"It was perfect and very creative. It kept me up till the end . It was more than worth it"
~ Lanremodele Mlt
"I have not had such a fun for a long time, and learning great expressions was only an extra on top! By mile this course is the best for anyone and everyone."
~ Balazs Kecskemeti
"Very nice course. Helped me to learn 240 idioms in a simple story telling way. And of course, the story was very loving,interesting as Billy and Indigo kept me curious about what would happen next."
~ Hemant Kumar

There is no other course on English idioms that has had as much care and effort put into it to ensure the high-quality educational value of the course, so you get everything you need in one space. If you truly want to learn English, this course is one of the best investments you can make in yourself.

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Who this course is for:
  • English learners who want to learn more English idioms.
  • English learners who want to become more confident English speakers.
  • English learners who need to pass fluency tests or write essays in English.
  • English learners who want to speak more naturally and fluently.
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