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Hibernate Java Framework, the complete end to end curriculum

What you'll learn
  • You will learn the most popular ORM Framework Hibernate
  • Gain knowledge on all hibernate core concepts with examples
  • Learn how to use third party libraries to enhance the capabilities
  • You will be confident with the technology
  • You will make confident and meaning arguments with colleagues on the subject

  • Knowledge on Java Programming. If not, I have an excellent course on the same!
  • Basic knowledge on Relation Database and SQL. If not, I have a great course on the same!
  • Knowledge on some Project Management Tool would be added advantage. If not, I have a course on Ant and Maven!
  • We use Eclipse IDE in this course. If you are used to any other IDE, then Eclipse should be easy for you!

Hibernate is the most popular ORM tool for enterprise Java Applications. In this course you will Learn the core concepts of Hibernate ORM Framework
  • With hibernate, you will know how to map some of the OOP notions like inheritance, polymorphism, composition, Java collections etc, with Relational Database tables.

  • You will learn some interesting core concepts of Hibernate, like Lazy loading, caching, fetching strategies, optimistic locking, connection pooling, seconds level cache etc.
  • You will learn how to do reverse engineering so that you can generate POJO entities from an existing database.

  • And many more interesting concepts

  • Downloadable examples in each chapter
Who this course is for:
  • Java Developers
  • Anyone who want to learn ORM Framework like Hibernate
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