Learn Linux Terminal Command Line and Bash Shell Scripting

Udemy Learn Linux Terminal Command Line and Bash Shell Scripting

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Learn Linux operating system concepts to master the terminal command line and bash shell scripting

What you'll learn
  • Linux command line
  • Bash scripting
  • Operating Systems
  • Ubuntu
  • Unix
  • Bash Shell Scripting

  • No prerequisites

This course is a complete journey on concepts, theory, and practice of Operating Systems with a focus on the Linux command-line and its tools.
We will learn, from scratch, how the Linux OS works and discover how the Linux shell works.
This course started as a gentle introduction to the theory of operating systems and evolved to become a complete masterclass on the Linux command-line and the concepts that underpin modern operating systems.
Just a heads up that this course is mostly aimed at programmers that want to learn about the command line, and it's not aimed at networking or infrastructure professionals.
We will cover:
  • Operating System concepts (processes, memory management, scheduling, system calls, and kernel layers).
  • The history and evolution of popular operating systems, with a focus on UNIX and Linux.
  • The Linux command-line shell and popular utilities.
  • Files, directories, filesystems.
  • System administration and automation utilities.
  • Bash shell scripting.
  • Text editors for Linux.
  • Popular programming tools for Linux (gcc, make, autoconf, etc.)
This is a great course if you never touched Linux before and want to discover the motivation behind using Linux as an operating system to enhance your skills as a programmer.
We will use a Debian-based distro to practice and show examples in practice, but everything we learn will be valuable for any UNIX, Linux, or macOS terminal environment.
If this sounds like a fun journey to you... join us!
I'll see you iside.
Who this course is for:
  • Programmers curious about the Linux command line
  • Developers that want to learn the basics of shell scripting
  • Computer Science students that want to learn concepts of operating systems
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