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A complete Persian course --- Each week, A new lesson

What you'll learn​

  • Introducing Persian langauge from a very basic level
  • I have provided exercise and supplementary materials
  • Being an online Persian teacher helped/helps me know persian learners' difficulties and in this course I tried to cover them.
  • At the end of the course my students will be able to keep a dailylife conversation and colloquail langauge won't be difficult for them anymore.


  • Knowing the Persian alphabet
  • If you don't know the alphabet, DON'T worry! New lessons with Latin alphabet will be uploaded VERY SOON!


No background knowledge for this course.
This course makes learning Persian easier!

All Persian learners can get this course.


You will find yourself in a REAL class.

I will take you through different conversations and vocabulary based on daily life needs like introducing yourself, formal vs. informal conversations, colloquial language, and cultural insights.

Also, B1 Persian learners and upper levels can take this course. Thanks to my Persian teaching experience, I know Persian learners' difficulties and needs so I explained the WHYs in Farsi (Persian) language in this course, and once and for all it will get clear for you!

For each lesson, there is a downloadable PDF file, in which you can find the gist of the lesson and get the benefit of the exercises that you can test yourself and the answer key will help you how much you could learn!

Hello, I'm Ziba, a native Persian tutor. I've been teaching Persian for the past two years. I always prepared teaching materials based on my students' needs and they always found it useful and easy.

You can write me If you have any questions about the course and Persian. I would be glad to answer you.
Enjoy talking sweet Persian!

Who this course is for:​

  • For the Iranian people grew up in Europe, USA, Canda etc. For people who are studying persian, linguistics, journalists, political students and for all the people who are passionate about persian language itself and its culture.
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