Learn UiPath PRA Automation from Basic to Advanced Level

Udemy Learn UiPath PRA Automation from Basic to Advanced Level

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Robotic Process Automation - RPA using UiPath. Get in depth knowledge, get into RPA job, Start your freelancing PT jobb

What you'll learn
  • RPA Automation using UiPath

  • Students who are interested in learning RPA Automation can take up this course.

This course provides in-depth knowledge and practical sessions on RPA Automation using UiPath Studio. Each topic has been well explained. Automation process has been developed for each topic and uploaded as the .zip file. Apart from Class Videos, Automation Process the notes are uploaded as .pdf. The students can download these resources to their local drive.
Any of the students who wants to learn UiPath, the student need not to go for individual online online training with an Instructor. The student can purchase this course and learn. This course has all the practical and theoretical topics well explained in the order.
The student can also clarify the questions with me any time. I will be more happy to answer the questions in time. Happy learning!
Who this course is for:
  • Any students in any background and who is interested in learning RPA Automation using UiPath, can learn this course.
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