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The perfect start in DevOps

What you'll learn
  • Linux container basics
  • Installation LXC / LXD
  • Download LXC Images
  • Start and stop LXC container
  • Installation of applications in Linux containers
  • LXC Snapshots
  • LXC Remotes
  • LXC Networking
  • LXC Hardware-Ressources
  • Create / edit LXC images
  • LXC Storagepools

  • Linux basic knowledge

Linux Containers, or LXC for short, is the classic entry-level topic for DevOps. In the DevOps area, container technologies are an absolute must. The best-known container technology is likely to be Docker. What many don't know: Up to version 0.8, Docker was essentially based on LXC. LXC is the basis for Docker and so it is of course an absolute advantage if you can handle LXC / LXD.

This course starts with the basics of LXC. What is it and what is it used for? Then it goes straight to practice.

We install LXC together and carry out the corresponding basic configurations. After that we download our first images and start, stop and edit our first containers.

Using various scenarios, we gradually get to know the commands from LXC and continue to deepen our knowledge.

We create containers, edit them, create our own images and use ready-made images. We will also configure and use our own remote server. We also deal with the topics of snapshots, networking and storage pools.

By the end of this course, you will be able to use LXC confidently and competently.
Who this course is for:
  • People interested in Linux
  • People interested in DevOps
  • People with an interest in container technologies
  • System administrators
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