Mastering Control Systems : Very basics to Advance

Udemy Mastering Control Systems : Very basics to Advance

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Learn Modeling of Static & Dynamic Systems, Stability,Time & Frequency Domain Analysis, Bode & Nyquist plots, Root Locus

What you'll learn
  • To understand and differentiate the basics of linear time-invariant control system.
  • To understand and analyze time response of first and second order control systems for different standard test signals.
  • To perform frequency domain analysis of linear control system using bode plot and nyquist stability criterion
  • To understand and analyze feedback characteristics of linear control system to reduce the disturbance.
  • The fundamental concepts of Control systems and mathematical modelling of the system.
  • To understand and analyze the stability of LTI systems in Time Domain and Frequency Domain.
  • To draw the Root Locus of First and Second order systems.
  • To understand and analyze the state space analysis.

  • Basic Signal Representations.
  • Algebraic Mathematics .
  • Transforms (Lapalce and Fourier).

This course gives the easy understanding of open-loop system and closed-loop systems. This course deals with transfer functions of the system from block diagram representation, signal flow graph representation and electrical systems.
  • Time domain analysis explains the time responses like transient and study state responses.
  • Root locus explains system performance with different system gains.
  • Frequency Domain analysis deals with frequency responses using Bode Plot, Polar Plot and Nyquist Plot.
  • Study state analysis deals with stability of multiple input and multiple output (MIMO) systems and dynamic systems.
  • Define and explain feedback and feed-forward control architecture and learn the importance of robustness, stability and performance in control design.
Who this course is for:
  • Electrical, Communication, Instrumentation Students.
  • Who are seeking to learn to design automatic control electrical systems.
  • GATE, PSU Aspirants and for all competitive exams related to electronics.
  • Academics
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