Mastering Machine Learning Algorithms: A Project Tutor

Udemy Mastering Machine Learning Algorithms: A Project Tutor

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Build ML models in python without downloading any software

What you'll learn
  • In this hands-on project based course, students will learn fundamentals and actual implementation of various machine learning algorithms.
  • Build regressor, classifier and clusters for real world application using online project working environment and that too without downloading any software.
  • Make prediction using linear regression and optimization model coefficents using gradient descent algorithm
  • To build a logistic regression classifier to predict customer purchased decision
  • To classify mall customers based on k means clustering for market basket analysis. Use of ELBOW method to detect optimal k value
  • To identifying the gender of a voice using SVM classifier
  • Data visualization with seaborn and matplotlib library
  • Model perfromance evalution using metrics like MSE, R-square error, confusion matrix, precision, recall, f1-score
  • K-fold cross validation method

  • Beginner python is required; but that is also optional.
  • Google colab -free cloud based Jupyter notebook environment

  • This project based course consists of video lectures with coding on cloud based Jupyter notebooks.
  • It guides you to set up an easy and interactive project working environment without downloading any software.
  • It’s a bunch of 5 projects based on machine learning algorithms covering all details of implementation in python.
  • You can go through side by side video lectures to implement step wise projects inthe given worksheet as per your pace.
  • Finally you can download whole project code.
  • Final project solution sheets are also provided.
Who this course is for:
  • Beginner python developers curious about machine learning algorithms
  • Anyone who want to upgrade skill in machine learning domain.
  • Job aspirants who want to start career as machine learning engineer, data scientist etc.
  • Technologists who is curious to know about machine learning models
  • Any students who is interested in AI, ML and IOT domains.
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