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Mastering Nuxt - Learn Nuxt.js by Building a Real World App

Mastering Nuxt - Learn Nuxt.js by Building a Real World App

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The complete guide to developing and deploying fast, production-ready Nuxt apps.

Learn how to build robust, modern websites with Nuxt from scratch. Or improve your website performance, code quality, while making better use of the framework.

Learn the best practises, common pitfalls to avoid, and tons of tips and tricks. Prior experience with Nuxt is beneficial but not required.

Nuxt.js is a modular framework built on top of the easiest web development framework in 2020 Vue.js. It allows developers of any kind to create elegant websites progressively. We see huge enterprise companies and governments using Nuxt to build websites quickly — very important especially during the pandemic. We also see solo devs building exceptional side projects with Nuxt.

What you will build
Learn the best practises, common pitfalls to avoid, and tons of tips and tricks

Together we will build NuxtBnB! That’s a production ready AirBnB clone. Get to work with bookings, date picking, payments, galleries, users, and many more!

What you will learn
NuxtBnB is not the simplest of apps. Under the hood it relies on many plugins and services. Throughout the course you'll learn how to work with the following:

Async data

Advanced Search with Algolia


State Management with Vuex

Organizing large projects

Date Picker Component

Reusable components

Progressive Images

Static Site Generation

Integrate a Back End

Performance Optimization


Nuxt Modules and Plugins

User Authentication & Permissions

SEO + Meta Tags

Server Side Rendering

Deployment & Hosting

Google Maps API

Who is this for?
The course is for anyone that wants to learn how to build professional websites!
You just need to be interested in learning Nuxt. No matter what level you’re at you can learn at your own pace and become a master in Nuxt with this course.
Senior Developers - develop full-blown, performant, Vue and Nuxt applications.
Junior Developers - build your first state-of-the-art website using Nuxt and the best practices. Avoid common gotchas in learning and get ahead of the herd.
Students - start learning a new skill and join the global community of Nuxt developers. You can add MasteringNuxt to your portfolio and GitHub.
Business & Agencies - some of the largest business and agencies use Nuxt because it makes building modern websites easy and quick. Agencies also appreciate the great performance and SEO that Nuxt comes with.
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