MATLAB for Engineering Students Part 1

Udemy MATLAB for Engineering Students Part 1

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Learn the MATLAB basics you need. Matrices, plotting, logicals, looping, functions & more are covered with many examples

What you'll learn
  • Create and modify vectors and matrices, visualize data using 2-D plots
  • User-defined functions, if-elseif and switch case statements
  • Perform looping tasks with for and while loops
  • Plus more!

  • No programming knowledge is needed - the course assumes you have no prior experience
  • MATLAB software will be required. We will be working many examples together. To get the most out of the course please have MATLAB installed on your machine. If you need access to MATLAB please visit the MathWorks website and search for 'Free Trial'. If you are a student, your institution may be able to provide you with a free student version. Please check with your school's IT department.
  • Examples will consist of engineering and calculus topics so a basic knowledge of physics and calculus will be helpful,but it's not required.

MATLAB - What is it & why you need it
MATLAB is a widely-used software program that is found in many industries ranging from engineering to finance. Users love it because it's easy to use and produces high quality graphics. All you have to do to get started is learn to code in MATLAB.
This course will teach you just that! We will start from the very beginning by introducing the desktop environment and work our way up to more complex topics like nested for loops. We'll cover lots of examples and work through all of them step by step. Unlike many instructors, I don't assume you know more than you do.

Why this course instead of other online MATLAB courses?
I have taught MATLAB many, many times. I know what works for students and what doesn't. This course is structured differently from others available online. Other instructors just show themselves typing code in MATLAB as they explain the topics. I don't think that's the best way for you to learn.
In this course, we will have a brief lecture with slides discussing the concepts. You will also be provided with a downloadable booklet of examples for each chapter and we will work through them together. This gives you the opportunity to code while having someone walk you through it at the same time.
The only way to learn coding is to write code yourself so I have created 13 quizzes for you to test your knowledge. Don't worry though, video solutions are provided in case you get stuck.
Another benefit of this course is the rigor of the examples and quizzes. I don't always give simple one step problems. Many of the problems you will work will require a combination of topics and steps, allowing you to further enhance your skills.

Here's what you'll learn...
-Matrices and Vectors
-2-D Plotting
-User-defined functions
-Logical statements: if-elseif, switch-case
-Looping techniques: for and while loops
-And more!

Let's take a closer look at what comes with the course...
Downloadable items:
-Lecture slides for each chapter to give you the background you need for each topic (5 Chapters)
-Booklet of examples for each chapter to allow you to practice on your own or along with me in the videos
-Quizzes (13 of them)
-Lecture videos featuring detailed explanations of all topics
-Explanations of all the examples
to increase your comprehension
-Solutions to all quizzes and exams in case you get stuck

And just to make sure this class will work for you...
Fundamental topics from calculus and physics are used so it is helpful (but not required) to know basics like vectors, derivatives, and integrals.

Let's get started...
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Who this course is for:
  • Engineering students wanting to learn MATLAB fundamentals
  • Students who want to improve and apply their MATLAB skills using math and engineering examples
  • Professionals looking to add a new skill to their portfolio
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