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Thank you for considering the decision to build your income and wealth via building a Youtube Channel! This course Shares ALL of the secrets with you that I’ve used to build my channel over 695,000 subscribers and how I made it to #1 on trending and now have over 109,000,000 channel views. However, this course is unique – not only will it tell you my Youtube secrets, but you’ll learn my secret 5-minute edit and hacks that allow me to publish 5 ultra-high quality news videos in a high-news day, produce high-end live streams, and how to monetize your channel outside of Youtube with affiliates, partnerships, courses, and sponsors. The tricks in this course have helped me build a business that in 2020 has generated over $350,000 per month. That’s 7 times the national median annual salary in one month. This course, tells all.

Build Wealth Making Youtube Videos
Section 1: Let’s Get Started.
✅1.0: Discord Chat.
✅1.1: How I Started and Ended Up #1 on Trending.
✅1.2: How YOU Should Start: Naming, Design, and our First Video.
✅1.3: Can you Make Good Money Fast? (Spoiler: Yes: Proof of $1,000,000+ Ad Revenue).
✅1.4: Finding your Niche / Channel Topic / Understanding the Algorithm.
✅1.5: The Most Important Aspect of any Video (Algorithm Hack!).
✅1.6: The Second Most Important Aspect of Any Video.
✅1.7: The Third Most Important Aspect of Any Video.
✅1.8: The Fourth Most-Important Aspect of any Video.
✅1.9: The Fifth Most-Important Aspect of any Video.
✅1.10: The Sixth Most-Important Aspect of any Video.
✅1.11: Platform.
✅1.12: Tonality, Reading, and Emotion (Very Important).
✅1.13: WARNING – the “Cut” Cover DANGER.
Quickstart: Lighting & Your Set: The “Meet Kevin 2” Minimalist & Easy Set Design [Full Guide] ✅[Your Set] **Very Important Fundamentals** with Lighting Guide.
✅[Your Set] Setting Up your Camera/Phone with the Basic Set [Important for ALL; Don’t Skip].
✅[Your Set] Setting Up your Lighting, Booms, and Tripods.
✅[Your Set] Final Look and Color Lights.
✅Quickstart Outside Guide [Smartphone Demonstration and Tricks].
✅Quickstart Outside Guide [Smartphone Demonstration with Smooth Shot].
✅Quickstart Outside Guide [Smartphone Demonstration ADD THIS to Smooth Shot!].
✅Quickstart Outside Guide [Stable Smartphone & Amazing Audio Solution].
✅Quickstart Outside Guide [DSLR Raw (Problems – Example of when DSLR is BAD.)] ✅Quickstart Outside Guide Two Big/Easy DSLR Solutions.
✅Quickstart Outside Guide DSLR Run and Gun (Ultimate Solution).
✅Quickstart Outside TO Inside Guide [Run and Gun Stable] ✅Quickstart: I Went All Smart Phone for 1 Year (4 Examples) (Spoiler: It Works! BUT…)
✅Quickstart Inside with NO Lights. [Smartphone Capable – VERY CHEAP and GOOD!!] ✅Quickstart Temperature of your Filming Set and Powder.
✅Quickstart Acoustic Treatment (Easy).
✅Quickstart Soundproofing (Advanced).
Section 2: Preparing for a Video.
✅2.2: Then ALWAYS Follow THIS Algorithm Plan.
✅2.3 The Perfect Video Length, Algorithm’s Engagement Myth, and Topics
✅2.4: Highest Paid Sectors on Youtube.
✅2.5: The Best Engagement Strategies & Biggest Danger.
Section 3: Why Videos Fail.
✅3.1: The Judgment Test of a Video’s Success.
✅3.2: The Truth about Viral Videos.
✅3.3: Why Do The Most-Well-Planned Sometimes Fail?
✅3.4: The Most-Common Mistake Made on Youtube.
✅3.5: How to Work your Opinion without Offending.
✅3.6: Getting Into Saturated Markets and SEO (The Truth).
✅3.7: When should you start? (Date Danger & Trojan Horse).
Section 4: Audio and FIRST Edits.
✅4.1: EXTREMELY Important Audio Rule & Edit Trick
✅4.2: The Easiest Audio & Cost-Effective Setups PLUS Important LESSONS.
✅4.3: The NEXT Easiest Audio & Cost-Effective Setups PLUS Important LESSONS. Prime Lenses, Point and Shoots, Microphones, Etc.
✅4.4: The Next Level Audio (Easy to Do, but Pricier).
✅4.5: One of the Most-Common Setups (with Dangers).
✅4.6: The Holy Grail of Audio (AMAZING QUALITY AND FLEXIBILITY) (with Dangers).
✅4.7: Outdoor Option 3 (Advanced, Best, and Extreme).
✅4.8: Very Important Audio EDITING Steps (Do this EVERY Video!). FIRST Edit Demonstration!
✅4.9: The BEST Start to Editing Workflow: Sample File with 3 Different Editing Softwares (Final Cut, iMovie, Premiere).
✅4.10: How to Deal with a Separate Audio Track vs In-Camera. (Multi-camera Sync / Multi Audio Sync MUST-FOLLOW TIPS).
Section 5: Subject Matter & Story Telling.
✅5.1: Picking your Subject Matter and Buckets.
✅5.2: Being your Subject Matter.
✅5.3: Proving the Subject Matter.
✅5.4: The Art of Story Telling and Relatability (Two Tricks).
Section 6: The 5 Minute Edit (How I can Post 3-5 Videos Per Day) BY MYSELF.
✅6.1: The Secret Steps to Producing Content FAST (Some buy this Course for THESE Sections Alone).
✅6.2: Simplified Explanation of My Tools.
✅6.3: Part 1: Creative to Start to Finish Example of My Production (Example 1).
✅6.4: Part 2: Creative to Start to Finish Example of My Production (Example 1).
✅6.5: Start to Finish Filming through Posting (Example 2) (300k views in 8 hours). (Example 2).
✅6.6: A Possible Easy Solution.
Section 7: The Truth about the Algorithm.
✅7.1: Does the Like Button Matter? What it Really Does.
✅7.2: The Truth: What ACTUALLY Matters to the Algorithm?
✅7.3: Why do My Videos Get Less Views than Someone Else in My Niche?
✅7.4: How to Trojan Horse.
✅7.5: Exactly How to Beat the Algorithm (Kevin’s Triangle).
✅7.6: The Hard Truth about your Audience.
✅7.7: How Long does it Take to Get Views on a Trojan Horse?
✅7.8: My Last Video Got 50% Less. Why? Should I Delete It? (Golden Hour & Tricks).
✅7.9. The Algorithm is “Mad at Me” and Live-streaming & the Streaming Algorithm.
✅7.10: Frequency: The Algorithm & Scarcity Myth & ROI vs Views.
✅7.11: The Trending Page: How I Got on #1 on Trending.
Section 8: Camera Adjustments.
✅8.1: The BEST Camera Settings & Deep Dive on Camera Colors/Functions. Deep Dive on Studio Settings vs Run and Gun.
✅8.2: The Best Settings for Beautiful Bokeh in your Shots.
8.3: Color Grading your Neutrals.
Section 9: Gear.
✅9.1: Gear: The FULL Gear List [Live Cheat Sheet].
✅9.2 The First Gear Set (Start Here) Demonstration.
✅9.3 The Next Gear Set Demonstration.
✅9.4: Advanced Gear Demonstration.
Section 10: Insurance, Taxation, and Liability.
✅10.1: Insurance and Liability and Youtube.
✅10.2: Do you need an LLC or Corporation? Guide.
✅10.3: Taxation and Youtube.
Section 11: Easy Videos You Can Make NOW!
✅11.1: Idea and Style Set 1. On Set. [Videos you can Make NOW!] ✅11.2: Idea and Style Set 2. On Set. [Videos you can Make NOW!] ✅11.3: Idea and Style Set 3. Outside & START LIKE THIS w/ Example. [Videos you can Make NOW!] ✅11.4: Still Lost for Ideas? Then do THIS and You’ll Succeed.
Section 12: Uploading, Making Money, & Monetizing.
✅12.1: Getting your Video in Search and on Google (Step by Step).
✅12.2: Thumbnails & Editing Workflow (Photography Tricks and FULL Photo Editing Tutorial).
✅12.3: All About Monetization (Ads).
✅12.4: Music.
✅12.5: Monetization, Affiliates, Short Links, and More on Money.
✅12.6: Videos without Being on Camera & Audio Tricks.
✅12.7: Live Streaming Camera vs Lighting and Tricks.
✅12.8: GAMERS! Huge Trick for Editing Gaming Footage! 7.5 Hours in 5 Minutes.
Section 13: My Editing Secrets – Going Deep on Hard Edits vs Easy Edits.
✅13.1: Deep Edit Example (Multiple Lessons on Editing).
✅13.2: Deep Edit Example (Multiple Lessons and Tricks).
✅13.3: Deep Edit Example (Multiple Lessons and Tricks).
Section 14: Final Tips.
✅14.1: Collaboration Rules.
✅14.2: Shooting Thumbnails.
✅14.3: Editing Thumbnails.
✅14.4: WARNING: Batch Recording & Delayed Edits.
✅14.5: The Best Internet Setup for FAST Uploads.
✅14.6: Solving Youtube “Processing” Issues (Stuck at 0% or 95% or 99%).
✅14.7: Do I Need an Expensive Computer? What Should I Get?
✅14.8: My Big Mistakes in Youtube.
✅14.9: My Big Successes and Tricks for Youtube.
✅14.10: Fair Use, Copyrights, Music and B-Roll Licenses (Recommendations).
✅14.11: Two Important Things to Include in ALL Videos.
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