MERN eCommerce From Scratch

Udemy MERN eCommerce From Scratch

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Good content
Thanks for sharing the resource.
But I have to say the code quality of project is terrible.
Both Front-end and Back-end are awful.
Lots of things didn't get refactored, and didn't have any basic testing, but leaving lots of corner case to students.
Finally you'll finish a dirty code, bugs everywhere, and not production ready project.
I won't recommend this course if you have the ability to refactor both whole Front and Back end.
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Thank you kindly!
Woah, thank you so much for sharing this out. Excellent Course
Wow, this is awesome. This Course just came out yesterday and here it already. Thanks man! But thing to be noted Traversy media is a great guy and recently he is not feeling well he did this course just after he got well therefore.. Please consider buying the course if it is useful for you guys.. That's expertly I'm going to do! of Couse HAPPY LEARNING!!
Thanks for kind words bro. So please guys if anyone who is affordable, consider buying from Udemy, it’s being available at very cheap price.