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MERN React Node Next.js Multi User SEO Blogging Platform

Udemy MERN React Node Next.js Multi User SEO Blogging Platform

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Become an Ultimate Web Developer by building a Truly Real World SEO Web App using MERN Stack with React/Next.js for SSR

What you'll learn
  • User Signup / Signin
  • Forgot Password / Reset Password
  • Account Activation on User Signup
  • Social Login with Google
  • JWT based Authentication System
  • Admin / User Dashboard
  • Role Based Authorization System
  • Advance CRUD with Image Upload
  • Blogs Search
  • Load More Blogs
  • Categories
  • Tags
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization
  • Practical Real World Project running live on the server
  • API Development with Node Express MongoDB
  • Frontend Web Development with React Hooks and NextJs
  • SSR with NextJs
  • User Public Profile Page with List of Blogs and Contact Form
  • Blog Author Private Contact Form
  • User Private Dashboard
  • Multiple User Authorization System
  • Multi User System that can be Scaled to Build Marketplace App
  • Standard Contact Form
  • DISQUS Commenting System
  • Related Blogs
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Sendgrid for Sending Emails
  • Deploying to Digital Ocean Cloud Servers
  • Adding Domain
  • Cloudflare CDN and Free SSL
  • Writing Clean Code
  • Scalable Project Structure
  • Basic Understanding JavaScript or any other programming language
  • Basic Understanding of React Js
  • Basic Understanding of Node Js
Master the Art of Building Real World SEO Web Applications using MERN (Mongo Express React Node) Stack. Become a true Web Developer with this Ultimate Project based course where you will learn to build real web app that is currently running live on the server :)
Welcome to learn Full Stack / MERN Stack Web Development with React Node Mongo DB and NextJs. In this course you will learn to build backend API with Node, Express and Mongo DB. You will learn to build frontend web app with React and NextJs. You will learn to build SEO web app using NextJs which is a framework for building production level React apps.
By the end of this course you will have build a production ready SEO multi user blogging platform. This course is your ultimate workshop for building full stack MERN Web Apps with detailed focus on Node React NextJs and SEO.

Why we choose React Node NextJs for building SEO Blogging Project
  • We choose Node React and NextJs because they all use same programming language JavaScript. So even though it's a FullStack app with separate API and separate frontend, we will be dealing with only one language - JavaScript.
  • We choose Node js and Mongo DB for building API because its incredibly easy, flexible and easy to scale.
  • We choose React because its extremely powerful, performant and recently became so much fun and easy to use with the introduction of hooks.
  • We choose NextJs because it takes the development process of React apps to whole new level.
  • NextJs comes with SSR out of the box and SSR is necessary for SEO
  • NextJs starting with version 9 automatically decides if your web page can be served as a static page or dynamic page.
  • If your page is not making request to backend server to fetch data then NextJs automatically serves that page as static page.
  • Static pages load extremely fast because they are static. there is no need to wait for server response.

So you can build your site's homepage or landing page a static page with static content such as pre-written text and images to make it extremely fast.
I have used NextJs professionally to build a web app and it scores 100 out of 100 in google page speed test. which is hard to believe but true!

How NextJs makes serving your web pages so fast?
  • First of all NextJs analyzes if the pages can be served as static or dynamic during its build process. So if a page can be served as static it will be served as static making it faster than pages that require server response.
  • Second reason is that even though your landing page might have a lot of images, they are served as static content so first the page loads with actual content (text/html) without waiting for images as a result page is loaded in less than a second.
  • NextJs from version 9 prefetch the pages automatically behind the scene so when the home page is loaded other pages of your site is prefetched behind the scene as long as you are using next link component. So when user navigates to different pages... it is lightning fast.
  • With NextJs all your pages are SEO so either static or dynamic pages, they are all Search Engine Optimized.

Don't want to learn yet another framework?
  • Me too :) The best thing about NextJs is that it's pretty much React. you still create components the way you would usually do with React.
  • There are only few differences such as routing and a lifecycle method (getInitialProps) provided by NextJs which makes SSR possible.
  • You will learn all the good stuff about NextJs while building this awesome project.

So if you are looking to build extremely high performant app that will leave all your competitions behind and stand out in the crowd, this course will show you exactly how you can build such app.

This blogging app is built for production use and is flexible enough for you to use as a one person blogging platform or a blogging platform for your business or use as a foundation of a marketplace app because it has role based multi user blogging system in place.

So join me in this course and start coding this awesome app together < />
Who this course is for:
  • A Web Developer looking to Build API with Node JS and MongoDB
  • A Web Developer looking to Build Fast, Interactive and Scalable Web Applications using React and NextJs
  • A Web Developer looking to Build a FullStack SEO Multi User Blogging Application using MERN Stack
  • A Web Developer looking to build SSR React Apps using Next Js
  • A Web Developer looking to build production ready app with Role based Authentication and Authorization system
  • A Web Developer looking to build practical real world project for real world use with React Node and NextJs
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