Michael Thiessen - Reusable Components

Michael Thiessen - Reusable Components

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A premium video course on Vue components

Reusable Components​

Write less code. Get more done.

Master the art of writing highly reusable Vue — and make the most of your components.
Reusable Components is all about how to make your components more flexible and reusable, saving you time and effort and helping you to get more done with less code.
You'll go through in-depth lessons that cover the 6 Levels of Reusability, a framework for thinking about and understanding reusability in Vue.
It's a full-length video course covering:

  • Best practices for using props
    — and what to do when there are too many

  • Leveraging slots in unique ways to maximize flexibility without the headaches

  • The tradeoffs between different patterns, how to use them, and why they work

The 6 Levels of Reusability​

It's incredibly difficult to talk about concepts without first giving them names.

So in order to create this course, I first had to invent a way of talking about reusability in components.

Here are the six levels of reusability:

1. Templating — Reusing code by wrapping it up inside of a component

2. Configuration — Using configuration props to allow for varying behaviour

3. Adaptability — Allowing components to become future-proof

4. Inversion — Letting other components control the process

5. Extension — Using reusability throughout our component

6. Nesting — Creating powerful hierarchies of components
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