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Microsoft Bot Framework V4 (NodeJS) – With Real Life Example

Udemy Microsoft Bot Framework V4 (NodeJS) – With Real Life Example

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Learn State Management, Using Property Accessors, LUIS & QnA Maker together | Facebook Messenger Integration | Web-Chat

What you'll learn
  • Conversation, User and Dialog State Management in v4 botbuilder
  • Concepts of botbuilder v4 ( Turn , Turn Context, Property Acessors, Activity Handler, etc)
  • Gracefully Switching between Multiple Topics/Dialogs
  • Using LUIS & QnAMaker Together
  • Defining Entities and Using them with Example.
  • Facebook Messenger Integration using Facebook Channel
  • Web-Chat integration using Direct-Line channel
  • Quickest deployment of Bot in Azure using Azure Resource Management Templates with Powershell and Azure CLI
  • Testing in Emulator and from Azure build in Web-Chat
  • Great Step-by-Step explanation with lots of hands-on coding
  • NodeJs (Basic Knowledge)

  • ```Latest Course Update``` - Added sample code to integrate MySQL DB to save Reservation details in DB.

  • Going to build a multi-dialog smart, state managed chat bot with LUIS & QnAMaker together using Microsoft Bot Framework version 4 from scratch. We will use NodeJS botbuilder SDK and focus on building a multi dialog Restaurant Reservation Bot with dialog and conversation state management.
  • This course will cover Internal working of Bot by understanding components like Activities , Activity Handler , Turn , Turn Context, Component Dialogs, Message Factory in detail with hands on videos.

  • We will add intelligence to our bot using LUIS and QnA Maker and see how we can create a dispatcher by implementing activity handler and route requests in bot to one of the component Dialogs while maintaining Conversation state and Dialog state.
  • Learn to connect Azure hosted Bot with Facebook Messenger and WebChat client using Directline and FB channel connector.

  • We will see how we can create Free Azure Account and register LUIS app. Then we will create and train Intents using user utterances and also see how entities can be added to LUIS APP to make it more user friendly
  • We will create QnA Maker knowledge base add FAQs to QnA Maker and then use it along with LUIS and see how we can create activity routing logic to send incoming messages to LUIS or QnA Maker as per user intent.
  • We will use Adaptive cards. Waterfall dialogs , user input validation and usage of many different types of Prompts.

Who this course is for:
  • People who want to learn setting up LUIS and QnaMaker and build Intelligent Chat Bot using Microsoft Bot framework V4 from scratch
  • People who want to understand How to integrate LUIS and QnAMaker together in same bot and route user queries and handle user interruptions using Natural language Processing.
  • People who want to learn Hosting Azure Bot and integrate bots with Facebook and WebChat client Channels.
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