Microsoft Excel from Beginner to Advanced Level

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Mastering the Microsoft Excel Application for Productivity

What you'll learn
  • Understand the Microsoft Excel from the Basic to Advanced Level
  • Master the use to Microsoft Excel Tools, Commands and Functions
  • Learn Microsoft Excel Defined Functions and Formulas used in calculations and Office Tasks
  • Understand how to handle Large Data, Manipulate, Summarized and Generate Reports
  • Understand the Power of Data Analysis using Microsoft Excel
  • Master how to use PIVOT TABLE and PIVOT CHART to create Dynamic Reports and Charts
  • Understand the POWER of VLOOKUP, SUMIF, SUMIFS, COUNTIF, COUNTIFS, CHOOSE, INDEX & MATCH in Data and Financial Analysis
  • Understand DATA VALIDATION, CONSOLIDATION and Using SUB TOTAL tool for creating Subtotals Calculation for grouped Items
  • Working with Charts (Column, Pie, Bar, Line Chart and lot more. Editing Charts and working on Chart Designs
  • Understanding Alignment Tools, Text and Number Formatting, and Excel Cell and Table Style Formatting
  • Working Tables, Inserting Pictures and Images into Excel Worksheet, and using Text Boxes in Excel
  • Working with Cell and Range Names for Data Analysis and Calculations. Managing Names, and creating Names from Selections
  • Using Sparklines Column and Line Charts for Horizontal and Vertical in-cell Charts.
  • Using Hyperlink Tools to create Links to Worksheets, External Files, websites and Email from Excel Worksheet
  • Removing Duplicate Transactions, Text or Number from large range of data
  • Working with Conditional Formatting Tools on Large Data e.g Sales Data
  • Most courses ignore Basic fundamental tools, which can many task easy. This Course seeks to Address all major TOOLS in Excel
  • Creating and Working with Dashboards - Slicer and Timeline Tool.
  • Creating Sensitivity Analysis using the What-If-Analysis Tools (Goal Seek, Data Table, Solver and Scenarios)
  • Working with Logical Functions (IF, AND & OR and NESTING the IF Functions)
  • Understanding Project Evaluation Techniques using Financial Functions (PV, FV, NPV & IRR)
  • Introduction to Excel Macros and VBA Automations (Macros Recording, codes, User Form creation, VBA Controls and Objects)
  • As a Microsoft Excel Certified Expert, I guarantee that this Course will also help you to pass Certification Exams as it uses Examples that we help participant familiarize with Key Excel Tools.
  • Enjoy access to a CERTIFIED MICROSOFT EXCEL EXPERT with over 2 Decades in Spreadsheet Analysis using MICROSOFT EXCEL

  • This Course was Created with Microsoft Excel 2016 version. However, participants with Versions 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and Office 365 can participate Conveniently.
  • No prior Knowledge of Microsoft Excel is required as this course seek to take learners from zero knowledge to Advanced level.
  • The Only skill required is the operational knowledge of a Computer System.

The Microsoft Excel course exposes students to all available tools, command and Functions in the application. The training is carefully structured to take care of the learning needs of students, who are really yearning to know how to use Excel to carry out tasks in their workplaces. The course is also prepared to help regular users of the application, who want to upgrade their knowledge and upskill.
The Beginners to Intermediate topics capture the most frequently used command for day to day tasks. The Advanced level is also to help students learn the most advanced formulas, functions, and Tools. The advanced Excel training course builds on the beginner to intermediate course and is designed specifically for spreadsheet users who are already proficient and looking to take their skills to an advanced level.
The advanced excel tutorial will help you start a career in the area of data and financial analysis especially in the following fields; investment banking, private equity, corporate development, and equity research. By watching the instructor build all the formulas and functions right on your screen, you can easily pause, replay, and repeat exercises until you have mastered them.
Who this course is for:
  • New and Intending Users of Microsoft Excel
  • Accountants, Financial Analyst, Data Analyst, Human Resource Managers, Project Managers and Trainers
  • Any person who desires to know Microsoft Excel and use it for Day to Day office Task.
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