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Mike Pearson – Niche Site Academy

WSO Mike Pearson – Niche Site Academy

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Hi, my name is Mike Pearson, founder of Stupid Simple SEO™ and the popular SEO course that goes by the same name.
And I’ve been making money passively with niche sites for more than five years now, including my first $5,000 month from Amazon Associates all the way back in December 2014:
Up until today when I’m still cashing $4,000 and $5,000 checks from Mediavine and Amazon month after month on auto-pilot …
And I just recently hit my first $9,000 month with my new niche site in the credit space …
While still working my 9-5 corporate job and helping to raise my two little adorable kids at home.
I’ve started four- and five-figure per month niche sites in the vacuum niche (yes, really), fitness niche, backpacking niche, and now credit niche, and I’ve perfected the process for identifying high-income potential niches with my Niche Sites That Scale System.
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