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Combining Mindfulness and Cognitive Therapy to create Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy & a powerful change framework

What you'll learn
  • Discover the powerful framework that Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy provides
  • Understand how to use Mindfulness and Cognitive Therapy tools in conjunction and to great effect
  • Understand the 8 Week Program that is at the heart of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy & how to use it
  • Work through and understand the use and importance of Mindfulness & Meditation
  • PLUS - Get a fully downloadable audio version of this Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Certification course
  • PLUS - This is a FULLY ACCREDITED Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Practitioner course

  • There are no requirements for this Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy course, everything is explained in full
  • You will want to help yourself, others or a bit of both using the tools in this Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Course

This Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Practitioner Certification course takes you into the fascinating world of combining Mindfulness with CBT, REBT and other Cognitive Therapy and Psychotherapy areas. In this fully comprehensive course you will discover how Mindfulness and Cognitive Therapy intertwine so effectively to create a therapy model that can benefit both yourself and those you work with.
Taking effective tools from the world of Mindfulness and combining them with the best tools from CBT and REBT produces a powerful framework for helping and change. Originally designed to help with recurring bouts of Depression, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy has evolved into something that can help with so much more from emotional issues such as anxiety, stress, depression, overwhelm and frustration to behavioural issues such as anger management as well as being a fantastic way to have and enjoy a better life.... a life on your terms, a mindful life!

** Please Note: This Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Practitioner Course is FULYY ACCREDITED with the Complimentary Therapists Accredited Association (CTAA) and The Priority Academy is Fully Accredited as a Quality Distance Learning Provider, also with the CTAA - Membership Number: 10662322. On completion of this course you will be able to claim your Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Certificate of Accreditation from The Priority Academy and a Practitioner Accreditation Membership from the CTAA (details contained within the course).

"Mindfulness is simply being aware of what is happening right now without wishing it were different. Enjoying the pleasant without holding on when it changes (which it will) and being with the unpleasant without fearing it will always be this way (which it won't). - James Baraz

The core of working with Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy is an 8 week program of using the varying Mindfulness, Meditation and Cognitive Therapy tools to learn, grow and truly discover what living a mindful life is like. Within this course you will get that full 8 week program, including daily practices of Mindfulness, Cognitive Worksheets and Meditation.

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Student DV - 5 Stars
"This course is very well done and easy to understand"
Student MM - 5 Stars
"I am really having an amazing ride of discovery. I have already made changes that will benefit my new state of mind"
Student WR - 5 Stars
"The instructor is great! Very thorough, knowledgable and funny. His delivery of complex information is spot on"
Student MS - 5 Stars
"Great course, I'm learning a lot and really enjoying it! I really like the instructors style of teaching"
Student VS - 5 Stars
"I truly loved this course and would recommend it to all practitioners"

PLUS... you will get so much more than that!
As we travel through this journey together you will discover all the tools you need to use with the 8 week mindfulness based cognitive therapy program, you'll also discover how Mindfulness and Meditation can have a powerful effect on so much of your life and the life of your clients when combined with Cognitive Therapy. As with all my courses I have included several "experience videos" so that you can fully immerse yourself in the learning, not just watching and listening but truly getting involved so that you know how it feels, sounds and looks to be working through the Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy process.

"The present moment is the only time anyone has to perceive, learn, grow or change" - Jon Kabat-Zinn (generally regarded as the creator of western mindfulness)

There is a chance that you have looked at mindfulness courses already, you may have even taken one or more. You probably know that you want to help others, help yourself or even a bit of both and you are looking to learn, grow and develop your knowledge so that you can do that. The good news is you have found the right mindfulness based course for you, one where you can understand how to interact with these powerful modalities of Mindfulness and Cognitive Therapy and make them work for you and your clients.

  • PLUS - There are mindfulness and cognitive therapy worksheets and workbooks for you to download and use as you wish.
  • PLUS - There is a fully downloadable audio version of this Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy course so that you can listen along and learn on the go. Contained in the audio version is, of course, all of the mindfulness breathing and meditation exercises so that you can use them for yourself or even give them to your clients.

There really is no doubt about it, this is one of the most comprehensive courses you will find on Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, at a Practitioner level, out there on the marketplace. It's time to take the opportunity that is presented to you and grab the moment... click the "Buy Now" or "Enrol Now" button and let's take this journey together. It will be my utmost pleasure to be your instructor, your guide, your coach and your mentor into this amazing world of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy.
Come and join me!

"It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped" - Tony Robbins

As with all courses on Udemy, there is a full 30-day money back guarantee so if, for any reason, you do not like this Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy course you can claim your refund. I am also available via the primate message system here on Udemy to answer any of your questions.

Are you ready to take your learning in the areas of mindfulness and cognitive therapy to the next level? Is it time you discovered how effective it is to combine mindfulness and cognitive therapy into a powerful framework for helping people? You are ready to push that "Buy Now" button on this mindfulness based cognitive therapy course aren't you?

It's time to make that decision, it's time to click that button...... I look forward to seeing you inside this Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy course.
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  • Do you want to learn more about Mindfulness, Meditation & Cognitive Therapy?
  • Do you want to uncover the power to help that Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy provides?
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