Mindvalley - 2020 Collection [34 Courses]

Mindvalley - 2020 Collection [34 Courses]

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The Future of Education
It’s Not Too Late to Learn Everything You Wish You Learned in School
Traditional Education has Become Irrelevant.
Learn the Subjects that Truly Matter.
From the Best Teachers in the World.
On a Campus that Defies Borders.

The Mindvalley
Education Model

Global change and new technologies like AI are disrupting work and careers. Traditional education never prepared you for this. We teach you how to thrive in this new world -- with education that really matters for 2020 and beyond. But we don’t just stop with great education - we use AI and new technologies to create a powerful global network for you, connecting you with the right people, connections and transformation to build your best life.
Mindvalley Makes You
Better and Better Every Day,
in Every Way
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check the user guide section on forum
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