MVVM Design Pattern in SwiftUI

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What you'll learn
  • Understanding the MVVM design pattern
  • Consuming a JSON API in SwiftUI application
  • Building SwiftUI applications using MVVM design pattern
  • Building server using NodeJS, ExpressJS using JavaScript
SwiftUI is Apple’s new declarative framework for building applications for any Apple device. Although you can use any design pattern to build your SwiftUI apps, MVVM pattern is preferred due to the declarative nature of the SwiftUI framework.
In this course, you will learn how to build practical real world SwiftUI apps using MVVM Design Pattern. You will also learn how MVVM patterns behave in client/server applications.

What is MVVM Design Pattern?
In this section you will learn the basics of MVVM Design Pattern. You will learn the purpose and need for MVVM and what problems it solves when developing SwiftUI applications.

Getting Started with MVVM in SwiftUI Apps
In this section you will get started with building SwiftUI applications using MVVM framework. We will start slowly by building a simple counter application with some business rules. This section will set the foundation for the rest of the course.

Movies App
The Movies App spans over multiple sections of the course. You will learn how to build a Movie app, which allows you to search movies using OMDB API. The app will showcase how to write a service layer, which fetches JSON from an API. The app will also demonstrate how to show the detail screen of the movie when selected.

Bank App
The Bank App consists of multiple sections of the course. In this section you will be responsible for building the complete backend using NodeJS, ExpressJS and JavaScript hosted on Glitch platform. This app will showcase how MVVM pattern is implemented for SwiftUI app in a distributed environment.

I am super excited for this course and I am 100% confident that you will enjoy the course.

Thanks and happy coding!
Who this course is for:
  • Developers curious about how to build SwiftUI apps using MVVM Design Pattern
  • Developers who wants to create more maintainable SwiftUI applications
  • Developers who wants to create client/server applications in iOS
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