- Fullstack Flask: Build a SaaS Application with Flask - Fullstack Flask: Build a SaaS Application with Flask

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Build (and deploy) a real SaaS application in 8 weeks using Python and Flask.

Everything you need to create a true SaaS application

Fullstack Flask goes beyond other courses and covers all the details required for a production application.

Here are ten things you can do with the course:

  • Build a Python backend and frontend with Flask
  • Save data with PostgreSQL
  • 100% test coverage
  • Process real payments with Stripe.
  • Configuring and Running Waiting Queues
  • Send emails to your users
  • Create user authentication
  • Learn how to deploy the entire architecture in a production environment
  • Tune server and query performance
  • Build the foundation for your side project or revenue generating SaaS company
What will we build

In Fullstack Flask, I will teach you how to use the full power and expressiveness of Python to create a fully functional revenue generating web application from scratch using Flask.

Introducing Yumroad

In this course, we will create Yumroad: a service for selling digital products online.

Real architecture

We're not going to create a simple web server and stop there - no way. Instead, we are going to create a complete architecture for a real application. This means databases, pending jobs, sending emails, monitoring performance, and more.

Payment forms and webhooks

We implement individual forms of payment - and implement server hooks to make them work

Stripe integrations

We integrate with Stripe to process payments for our digital products

Sending email

Our apps often need to send emails to users, and in this course, we'll show you how.

Working with API

We will be working with third party APIs to get data from the real world and bring it into our application.
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