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Master the Hardest Node Concepts

You probably worked with Node already and maybe even built a few web apps. However, there's still something you miss or not quite get completely. That's not your fault. Most developers simply don't have time to go deep into certain topics. Most developers are pressured by their bosses and product managers to produce new features faster and faster. Moreover, Node could be a very confusing at time. The stream API has event emitters, pipe and read interfaces. Which one to use?

Unfortunately this get-results-quick-without-understanding approach leads to a lot of bugs in the future. Nothing is free in this life. Short-term productivity without deep understanding leads to long-term loss of productivity, and painful, messy, ugly spaghetti code. You probably know a lot of full stack overflow developers who just quickly copy paste something from the web, try/pray/hope to see if it works without actually understanding every single line, every single method and class. I was guilty of this myself sometimes. But now I am committed to mastering whatever technology I'm using and I see tremendous improvement in my productivity long-term.

I studied Node thoroughly for many years and this course is the pinnacle. This course will teach you all of the hard, confusing and tough-to-get-answer topics like streams, modules, event emitters, event loop, debugging and many more. You'll be more productive and confident working with Node after spending just a few hours with this course and its code project and exercises.

There's simply no other course which is so practical (no foo bars) yet easy to grasp. You'll be learning from the Node, and npm source code on how to use Node. What can be better? This course also includes some tips for advanced learning and debugging which can be applied to any study not just Node.

Let advanced be friendly to you because even beginners who took my Node Foundation and Express Foundation can get advantage of this course.

Invest in your future and peace of mind with this advanced Node course.
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