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Life Coaches / Practitioners / Therapists - add extra streams of income & client attraction with online course creation

What you'll learn
  • Learn how, as a Coach / Practitioner, you can create a course that helps others and offers you a supplementary income
  • Discover an easy Course Creation process that will have your first course out quicker than you thought possible
  • Uncover some Course Creation secrets that could help you to help more people and improve your financial situation
  • Take part in the Course Creation exercises to create the outline of your course while you watch

  • There are no other requirements for this Course Creation course other than a willingness to help others and create a residual income for yourself

Online Course Creation for Life Coaches, Practitioners and Therapists
Online Course Creation has fast become a key way in which Life Coaches, Therapists, Complementary Therapists, Practitioners and, in fact, anyone who is in the Helping Industry can increase their revenue, gain more clients and build a more sustainable business. Running a Coaching / Helping Business just replying on getting new clients is becoming harder and harder as competition grows so you need other streams of income to help sustain your business and creating an online course is a key way of doing that.
This Online Course Creation for Life Coaches and Practitioners course will take you through a simple yet effective process of designing, creating and launching your very first course. Using the experience that I have built up I will show you the easiest ways to produce a high quality course and you can avoid the pitfalls that I had to make..... because I've already made them and can guide you around them.

Follow this simple Course Creation process, engage with the exercises and you will be on your way to having your very own online course out there..... how awesome does that sound?

What are the benefits to creating your own course..... or even multiple courses..... as a Life Coach, Therapist or Helping Practitioner?
  • You can be helping more people worldwide
  • You can add more revenue streams into your business
  • With those revenue streams you create a more sustainable business
  • You can earn money while you are helping clients, doing your admin or even sleeping
  • You can set yourself apart as an authority on the subjects you teach
  • You can attract more clients into your business
  • You can offer your courses to your clients as added bonuses
You can imagine, for a moment, that all of the above are happening for you and your business........ how does it feel? What does it look like, sound like and feel like to have a sustainable business where you help people around the world even while you sleep?
Ready to sign up and get started with this Online Course Creation process? Yes! Awesome..... hit the Buy Now or Enroll Now button and let's get going!

"Online education is like a rising tide, it's going to lift all boats along with it" - Anant Agarwal

The online education industry was worth around $188 Billion (yes, BILLION) in 2019 and is predicted to be worth around $319 Billion by 2025 and instructors / teachers who create online courses in Life Coaching, Therapies, Complementary Therapies and all areas around that are going to be a MASSIVE part of that growth. We increasingly live in a world where people seek answers online and YOU can be the person to provide some of those answers.
Whatever you want to help people with.......
=> Mental / Emotional Health
=> Goal Setting
=> Life Coaching Skills
=> Limiting Beliefs
=> Career Development
=> Happiness
=> Self Love
=> Law of Attraction & Manifestation
=> Meditation
=> Mindfulness
=> Relationships
=> Finances
=> Health
=> Parenting
............... The list is ENDLESS

Whatever you want to help people with, you can do it with an online course!
Imagine for a moment that you wake up one morning and check out how your online course has done overnight. You see that you have made sales overnight..... while you slept..... and there is now money in the pot waiting to be paid out to you. BUT ....... more importantly than that..... you have had a message from someone in another country, on the other side of the world, thanking you for offering this course on line and telling you how much it has helped them, even changed their life! The would like to know if you offer 1-on-1 services as they would like to book some sessions with you ....... and so another clients relationship begins!!!!
How would that feel?

What you will learn........
=> Follow a simple, yet effective, process for developing and designing the purpose of your course
=> Discover how to ensure your students will get what they need from your course
=> Develop the course so that you have the curriculum laid out in front of you ready to go
=> Uncover what equipment software you'll need to record your course and that you'll probably already have most of that equipment
=> Discover some of the platforms you can add your courses to and how to use the ones I have used to attract 65,000 students to my courses

All of that is covered in this Online Course Creation for Life Coaches & Practitioners course........ are you ready? Of course you are!

Get started now by clicking on the Buy Now or Enroll Now button and begin the journey into creating your very own online courses and all the benefits that can come with it.
Go on......... click now........ I'm waiting to teach you everything I've got!
See you inside.
My Best Regards

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Who this course is for:
  • Are you a Coach that wants to learn this simple Course Creation Process?
  • Are you a Therapist that wants to learn this simple Course Creation Process?
  • Are you a Complementary Therapist that wants to learn this simple Course Creation Process?
  • Are you a in the Helping Industry in any way and want to learn this simple Course Creation Process?
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