PHP OOP Complete Online Exam System with PHP jQuery Ajax

Udemy PHP OOP Complete Online Exam System with PHP jQuery Ajax

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This Complete Course Where You Will Learn How You Can Create One Online Exam System with Using PHP OOP , jQuery, Ajax

What you'll learn
  • CRUD with PHP OOP and MySQLi
  • Admin Login and Logout System
  • User Management System
  • Complete Online Exam Project
  • How To Use jQuery, Ajax for login page
  • User Login and Registration System
  • Fade out Message System
  • User Profile Page
  • Online Test and Result Page
  • Error Handling in Project

  • Some HTML and CSS is needed for this course
  • A little basic understanding of OOP in PHP will be good but not required to follow the course
  • A little basic understanding of jQuery, Ajax will be good but not required to follow the course

Are you want to Start with Object Oriented PHP ? Then this course will help you get all the fundamentals of Procedural PHP, Object Oriented PHP, PHP CRUD, MYSQLi Database, jQuery, Ajax and ending the course by building a Complete Online Exam Project with PHP.
Knowing PHP OOP( Object Oriented PHP) has allowed me to make enough money to stay home and make courses like this one for students all over the world. Being a PHP developer can allow anyone to make really good money online and offline, developing dynamic applications.
There is no limit to what you can do with this knowledge. PHP is one of the most important web programming languages to learn, and knowing it, will give you SUPER POWERS in the web development world and job market place.
What is your benefit ?
As i told you this complete course which beings you to Beginner to master level, You will learn PHP CRUD Functionality Then you will lean how to create one complete course with Using OOP( Object Oriented PHP) jQuery, Ajax . I create this course for help you coz i believe if you become successful then i will be successful.

What is the best part of this course?
In this course will will learn how you can create one user login and logout system with using the jQuery, Ajax. Its like without loading the page how you can show all validation message and also how you can complete your signup process without loading the page.

What you will Get after this course :
1. You will able to create one complete Online Exam Project .
2. You will able to understand Object Oriented PHP Fundamental
3. You will able to understand How you can use jQuery, Ajax in Object Oriented PHP
5. And much more...

This course you will not just learn you actually doing it. Learn and apply this on live project with me.
Sound Great right?

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I am excited to see you in the course!
Kazi Ariyan

Who this course is for:
  • Students who want to become Beginners level to expert in Object Oriented PHP
  • Students who want to create Online Exam System with Object Oriented PHP with admin panel
  • Who want to learn jQuery Ajax
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