Power-Query M language Programming - Part 1

Udemy Power-Query M language Programming - Part 1

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Powerquery M code, Powerquery M functions, How to use M code

What you'll learn
  • We will learn the use of M functions in PowerQuery . M stands for Mash-up language.
  • You will go beyond front interface and see how we can change powerquery codes the way we want and control the data and shape it up in much better way.
  • Front End is powerful but it cannot match with the Back end abilities when it comes to data cleaning and structuring the way you want. So, M langue or M code will make you awesome from every angle in controlling the data.
  • Practical use of M functions - Table functions, List functions, use of records . Many amazing projects as well.
  • You will learn the basics of Mcode. How to write your own syntax.
  • Rules to follow while writing syntax. How to customize it, How to take inbuilt syntax and change it .
  • What are lists , records and Table . Also, use of Table functions, List functions etc

  • You should be knowing Powerquery basics . You should know how to work with powerquery features available in its Ribbon.

  • This course is an attempt to make you awesome in using M code in PowerQuery
  • It is for those students who are familiar with PowerQuery front part .
  • What is M code in PowerQuery
  • How to use M code or functions in PowerQuery
  • How to change or modify M code in PowerQuery
  • What are Table functions and their basics plus real use in life
  • What are the list objects - from basic to advance use
  • What the records - From basics to advance
  • Several mixed projects for your revision at the end plus more knowledge on M functions
  • This course will make you fundamentally awesome in PowerQuery M code and you can go beyond normal user capabilities to change and modify the data. the way you want.
  • Files are downloadable and Online help is available from me, in case you have doubts.
Who this course is for:
  • Students who want to go in data analytics or professionals who want to make career in Excel based applications or who are already working in MIS reporting or business analyst and work day and night in excel.
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