Practical Java concurrency with the Akka Actor Model

Udemy Practical Java concurrency with the Akka Actor Model

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Learn how to avoid thread-safety issues, synchronization and blocking with a really practical hands-on course

What you'll learn
  • Concurrent Java programming using the Actor Framework
  • How the Actor Model works and can be used as a better alternatives to Thread creation
  • How to use the core Akka libraries to build robust, thread-safe, concurrent applications

  • Basic Java knowledge
  • Some existing Java multi-threading programming is helpful but not essential
  • No knowledge of Akka or Scala is needed


This course will cover how to use the Actor Model provided by the Akka framework to build robust, thread-safe concurrent applications with Java.

Instead of creating threads, worrying about thread-safe variables, using synchronization and locks, learn how the actor model gives us a completely different way to approach concurrent programming.

The course is full of practical real-world scenarios - you'll even build a basic blockchain mining application.

Please note that although Akka is built in Scala, no Scala knowledge is needed for this course - the course covers Akka with Java and we won't be writing any Scala code.

This course covers the newer Akka Typed API only.
Who this course is for:
  • Novice and experienced Java developers who need to enhance their concurrent programming skills.
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