Private Equity and Venture Capital with a Witch

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Comprehensive Overview

What you'll learn
  • Comprehensive overview of the Private Equity and Venture Capital industries
  • Key investment concepts and structuring terms of private equity funds
  • Financing of a company during its life cycle and Term sheet offered by investors
  • Structures of PE and VC investment vehicles around the world and Government-sponsored tax incentives
  • Understanding of the effect of leverage on risk-adjusted returns
  • Valuation concepts: art or science?
  • Definition and role of EBIT and EBITDA in valuing Enterprise Value and Equity Value
  • Valuation methods: DCF (Discounted Cash Flows) and the Venture Capital Method. Overview of other valuation methods

  • No prior knowledge is needed

This course aims at demystifying the Private Equity and Venture Capital industry for a wide audience.
I have the pleasure to share my industry expertise with you today: over a decade of selecting the best managers in private equity and venture capital as well as successful entrepreneurs, who represent the other side of the story.
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to understand financial news, where startups, IPOs and LBOs are omnipresent
  • MBA and BBA students / CFA and CAIA candidates
  • Prospective investment banking analysts who want to learn more about the industry
  • Professionals who wants to pursue a career in the Private Equity and Venture Capital industry
  • Entrepreneurs and CxO-level executives who might need one day such industry knowledge
  • Investors who want to perfect their understanding of such asset class
  • Anyone who is excited about startups and early stage ventures
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