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Programmatic Uber Clone App |Swift /Firebase| No Storyboards

Udemy Programmatic Uber Clone App |Swift /Firebase| No Storyboards

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Build a fully programmatic Uber Clone with iOS 13 and the latest versions of Swift & Firebase, without storyboards!

What you'll learn
  • Build a fully functioning clone of the Uber App using Swift 5.0 and Firebase
  • Fully programmatic approach without the use of storyboards
  • Geolocation capability using GeoFire
  • Advanced backend development and architecture skills using Firebase
  • Advanced UI techniques using Swift
  • Advanced CoreLocation and MapKit techniques
  • Advanced animations for a premium user experience
  • Build a side menu and user profile
  • Build an App that has different user types with different flows
  • Build a settings page
  • Ability to log in/out and register users
  • Trigger events in application between users in realtime

  • Have some knowledge of Xcode and Swift

Fully Programmatic Uber Clone | Swift 5 | Firebase | No Storyboards | iOS 13
Welcome! In this course you will learn how to build a fully functioning clone of the famous Uber application. We will be building this app from the ground up, fully programmatically without the use of storyboards.
In addition, we will be using Firebase for our backend database, which we will engineer completely from scratch. Along the way, you will learn all kinds of advanced programming techniques, best practices, professional architecture, and more!
Learning advanced development skills should be taught using real world examples. In this course you're going to learn to code from a real life, professional developer. You will learn how to code like a pro, and everything will be explained in detail along the way. This will teach you to build production ready applications, that are easily scalable and maintainable.
Here are some of the things you'll be able to do after taking this course:
  • Understand advanced Firebase backend development
  • Work fluently with iOS & Firebase
  • Apply to jr iOS development jobs
  • Work as an iOS contractor
Who this course is for:
  • People who want to build advanced iOS apps!
  • Those who want to create their own startup
  • Those looking to get a full time job as a developer
  • Business owners
  • Students & teenagers
  • People who want to make money building apps
  • Major focus on user experience, using advanced animations and a clean UI
  • Engineering a database from scratch using Firebase
  • Integration Cocoa Pods
  • Custom CocoaTouch View Subclasses
  • UIView extensions
  • UIViewController extensions
  • Creating a sliding menu
  • Creating a settings page
  • Searching for locations
  • Displaying locations on map
  • Firebase sign in and authentication
  • Location Services & Geolocation
  • Saving and showing real time driver annotations on the map
  • Using Firebase for real time user requests
  • MapViews
  • And much more!
Who this course is for:
  • If you have basic experience with iOS development take this course
  • If you have basic experience with iOS or mobile development then take this course
Who this course is for:
  • Mobile app developers looking to improve their skills and build an awesome app!
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