Real World BizTalk 2020 For Developers

Udemy Real World BizTalk 2020 For Developers

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Introduction to Microsoft BizTalk Server and Development

What you'll learn
  • How to develop Microsoft® BizTalk applications (including schemas, maps, orchestrations)
  • Business Rule Engine
  • Deploying BizTalk Applications (from Test to Production Environments)
  • BizTalk Architecture and High Level Overview in First Lessons
  • Content-Based Routing
  • Data Transformation using Functoids (BizTalk maps) and/or XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations), Saxon XSLT 3.0
  • BizTalk Pipelines (CSV to XML, XML to CSV) and Massaging String Data
  • XML and XPath
  • XSD Schemas
  • Sequential and Parallel Convoys, Correlation in Orchestrations
  • Debugging Orchestrations
  • C# Subroutines for Maps and Orchestrations
This course includes over 20 hours of videos teaching you how to use schemas, maps, business rules, pipelines, content-based routing, orchestrations, debugging and error-handling.
The first set of lessons gives a higher level overview of the above, and is suitable for managers, quality assurance, and anyone who is curious what Microsoft BizTalk really is.
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who needs to develop or administer Microsoft BizTalk server
  • Managers or QA teams who need familiarity with BizTalk
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