Recruitment: IT Basics for IT Recruiters

Udemy Recruitment: IT Basics for IT Recruiters

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IT fundamentals for Recruiters in IT industry

What you'll learn
  • IT fundamentals for IT Recruiters
  • The differences between hardware and software
  • The importance of operating systems
  • Understanding the IT project lifecycle as a key fundamental for the IT Recruitment
  • Detailed explanation of the most typical IT positions, their functions and peculiarities
  • The difference between programming languages (for ex. Java and JavaScript :) ) and frameworks
  • The difference between Frontend and Backend developers
  • Key aspects for the interviews with the people from IT world
  • The difference between IT Perm and IT Contractor

  • No preparation or extra knowledge is required

In this course I will share with you all of the knowledge and insight I have picked up as an IT Recruiter working within an international environment. As far as I know by myself that an official IT language is quite dry and yes, even, boring and sometimes hard to follow for a non-IT person, I have tried to make this course as easy to understand (using a lot of practical examples) as it is practically possible.
Thus, in this course you will find an introduction information about:
- IT Fundamentals (such as hardware & software, operating systems and project life cycle), which are essential for the further IT roles understanding;
- IT roles itself (key responsibilities, functions and skills related to it). Each recruiter has to stay in a close contact with the hiring manager to be able to identify his needs and each recruiter has to understand the market to be able to find a perfect match;
- IT Technologies (incl. programming languages, frameworks, data bases, deployments and communication tools)
- Some tips for conducting the interviews.
I sincerely hope that you will enjoy this course on an ongoing basis and that it helps you being at your job not only efficient, but successful.
Are you ready to jump in an IT Recruitment word? Then see you soon! And no worries, if you can’t swim their yet, I have a lifebuoy with me.
Who this course is for:
  • Beginners in IT Recruitments
  • IT Recruiters who would like to deepen their knowledge or simply would like to learn something new
  • Those, for whom simple "key word" search method is not enough
  • Those, who would like to understand and IT word better to be able to do their job great and to succeed
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