Rock the JVM - Scala & Functional Programming Practice

Rock the JVM - Scala & Functional Programming Practice

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Learn to think functional programming with Scala and go through each functional programming interview.

People who have been taking the Scala Essentials course have been asking me for almost 2 years:

"Hi, Daniel, great Scala course! Where can I practice Scala now?"

"The tail recursion seems very important. I play with this sorting feature, but can't understand it properly. Can you help?"

"Daniel, can you give me some Scala projects or tasks I can practice on?"

"Daniel, I really like your course. Where can I find some practical tasks that I could use to improve my functional programming? I'm looking for a new Scala position soon."

"Hey, Daniel, the tail recursion struck me! Can you do some more exercise?"

"Daniel, I'm looking for a new Scala developer job, and in a few weeks I'm having an interview. Do you know where I can prepare?"

Functional programming is not for everyone. It's hard to master because it's hard to think of code differently. In this course you will become a functional programming guru. You'll write more than 2,000 lines of pure Scala functional code, solving dozens of practical tasks, from simple 1-2-stitches to real monsters.

Once you have completed this course, your opinion will change. You dream of functional programming.

If you want to assimilate the thinking of functional programming after studying Scala, this course is for you.

Let me tell you bluntly: You're going to have a tail-tail recursion. ALL THAT WE WRITING, tail-recursive. Here are some stats:

  • 9 hours of professionally recorded video
  • 36 tasks
  • 2000 lines of code
  • 2 implicit subtleties to impress the person who sets the problem
  • 1 way of thinking has changed (hopefully yours!)
Be clean.

Changing data structures wreak havoc in multi-threaded and distributed applications, make 20 lines of code read and understand for hours (no jokes) and make a snowflake look like a Hulk compared to your code. Not to mention the endless overflows of the stack caused by the recursion of the stack.

We reject it right away. We practice immutable data structures, tail recursion, and purely functional programming. This means that there are no variables, cycles, mutations, setters, and i.

This course will teach you to write code, strong as a tank, and clean as a child.

All interviews are on top.

If you want to get a job as a software developer at Scala or want to change jobs, this course will be your Cracking the Coding Interview.

All tasks are formulated in the form of exercises that need to be performed on time, as in a normal interview. At the end I will offer you a solution and detailed explanations. I'm not just going to tell you how it works, I'm going to tell you how I came up with the idea and how to approach problem solving.

Choose a proven path.

I've spent 7 years writing thousands and thousands of lines on Scala. I know what works and what doesn't, and how to solve problems. Make no mistake, I know you're already familiar with Scala's syntax, but I've personally put together these problems to teach you to think.
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